A Brief Overview of our Virtual Assistant Services

We help you with your eCommerce needs by providing a highly dedicated resource of eCommerce virtual assistants that strike gold for your online business. They have the acumen of transforming your mundane eCommerce tasks into easy tidbits. The amazing part is that you can opt for different eCommerce virtual assistant packages from eComVA, your ultimate buddy to take care of eCommerce needs. These packages have been designed keeping in mind the individual needs of different eCommerce businesses.

We understand that every eCommerce business functions with a different mindset and gameplan. Our eCommerce virtual assistants, first of all, understands your basic requirements as per your specifications they start delivering huge success for your eCommerce business. The good news is that you can avail all this at a price which does not hurt your pocket.

Details of our Virtual Assistant For
Ecommerce Store

Since eComVA is a subsidiary firm to Elsner as an existing Elsner client you can avail these services without any setup fee. Amazing, isn’t it?

In case, you are new to enroll to our existing list of clientele, do not worry as you can now avail our eCommerce virtual assistance services at a nominal one-time setup fee of $150. Can you believe that?

We also have a credit (transaction) system wherein if you want to get a maximum of 5000 customers we will allot you 20 credits at a nominal price of $30. In the same way, for a maximum of 10,000 customers, we will allot you 50 credits (transactions) at a nominal price of $50. And finally, for a maximum of 20k customers, we will allot you 120 credit at a nominal price of $100. The amazing part is that every unique transaction performed by our eCommerce virtual assistant will be charged with 1 credit. So, even if our virtual assistants perform multiple tasks you will only be charged 1 credit.

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