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Are you dealing with various forms of data from different resources? Doesn't it become tiresome to manage and organize the data? Our Dot Digital experts ensure to follow data-driven marketing practices for business.

We will help you to eliminate the stress of handling email marketing campaigns. With this incredibly intuitive platform, we help you grab the right opportunities. Let us personalize the experience with timely and relevant marketing campaigns.

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The Challenge

Being DotDigital support provider, we are familiar with the challenges and targets of the ecommerce business. It is important to have the right strategies for email marketing to generate potential leads.

The client was not familiar with the Dot Digital automation email marketing tool. But they did have the basic knowledge of their requirements and targets from emails. Let us disclose some of their difficulties.

Our Clients faced a few challenges:

  • They didn't know the process of setting up and integration of DotDigital for their website
  • The client wanted to collect data related to wishlist items, Newsletter signups, add to cart information, checkout process, orders, and more. This would help to understand their potential audience.
  • Setting automated Email for various actions of customers on the store
  • Maintain strong customer relationships.
  • They struggled to generate better ROI for their business.
  • The client wanted to increase the relevancy of interaction with the potential audience

Our DotDigital professional team explored the platform's current status and understood the strategies applied. As they are familiar with the market demands, they effortlessly performed DotDigital integrations and automation for the store.

The Solution

We know how DotDigital integration has changed the game as an email marketing tool. It wasn't a piece of cake to deal with the DotDigital ecommerce, as it needs unique strategies to maintain long-term bonds with the customers. We took the right measures to ensure customer retention.

Our Experts brought in some great solutions to meet client expectations:

  • Seamless DotDigital integrations and set up for the store
  • Segments for wishlists, Newsletter Signup, products in the cart, checkout process, successful orders, and more.
  • Build DotDigital automation email flow chart for every action of the visitor on the store
  • Email personalization as per customer interests. Sending relevant content to grab their attention and increase brand reputation.
  • Generated emails that have higher chances of customer retention to increase ROI
  • Gathering insights of customers helped to perform targeted emails and share specific deals with them.
  • Marketers enjoyed the increase in ROI by up to 760% by sending targeted campaigns

DotDigital Services you cannot miss!

  • Personalized Emails
  • Gather Customer Insights
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • Integration and Setup
  • DotDigital Support
  • Store Management
  • Email customization

As an experienced firm in the market, we know the importance of tailoring emails as per customer interests. Every customer has a unique taste, and they expect things when they receive mail. Our DotDigital automation experts ensure to gain customer attention and generate better leads to increase profit.


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We care, we take a personalized approach to each customer, and our management team is never more than a phone call or email away.

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Hire DotDigital Expert


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