PodcastWhy should you focus on Podcasts for an online business?

Why should you focus on Podcasts for an online business?

Nov 03, 2022 Harshal Shah
Why should you focus on Podcasts for an online business?

Today, our Host Harshal Shah is in conversation with John Lee Dumas, a host of an award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire. They will be discussing the importance of podcasts in today’s market and how it is making an impact on business growth.

00:01 – Host asks, “How podcasts help an ecommerce business to grow?”

00:10 – The guest provides insight that it gives you an influencer status and authority to your business. People want to buy from someone they know or can trust. It is important to add value to the products and services for the customers. This will help to gain their interest and proves that you can grow.

Now, our host and guest are having a discussion.

01:20 – Some pointers that the host quotes are:

  • People gain trust when they see people or listen to the seller.
  • When you become an expert in a niche and then communicate with others.
  • He shares that the guest inspires him like he first learns to improve the podcast. Then build trust with your audience, which is highly appreciated.

01:40 – The points shared by the guest are:

  • Like on the radio, people listen to songs but do not know the speaker when a commercial comes on. While in the case of a podcast, people are familiar with the host and their topic of discussion.

02:40 – The host asks, “How to make your podcast viral and how to build your audience?”

03:00 – He quotes, “Podcast listeners listen to Podcast.” By this, he means that you convert the converted. Like people visit other platforms because they are not interested in listening to a podcast. The aim is to reach the audience that is already listening.

These people have time carved out to listen to a podcast. The average podcast listener prefers seven people, so he aims to become one of them. So, when you plan to grow the podcast, get in front of them.

04:30 – The host shares his views on communicating with the right audience for the product. Connecting with parents and children’s doctors is common if you are working on baby products.

Then his next question is, The world is opening after a pandemic, and people want to move out, “How do you think ecommerce will work after the pandemic?”

05:40 – According to the guest, Habits are difficult to change. During the pandemic, people could not go out and had to shop online for longer. People now enjoy this method as it is safe and enjoyable, which means it has a great opportunity for ecommerce business.

It is very difficult for malls and other stores to change the habits of people as they do not like to change. So, ecommerce businesses can easily retain the customers gifted to them during the pandemic.

06:40 – The host says that it is the right information. People now buy groceries and daily requirements online, which has become a habit. Also, he asks if the guest can provide suggestions for an ecommerce business.

07:20 – Guest shares his views that when dealing with podcasts, ecommerce, or health, it is important to provide the top solution for the real problem. They will always ignore the second solution. You can visit the top products on amazon and listen to their complaints to find the right answer.

So, both speakers agree that finding a solution to the real problem will help your business. We hope you have grabbed all the right insights to boost your business and try a different approach.

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Harshal Shah

Harshal Shah is the CEO of EcomVA. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the E-commerce industry. His area of interest lies in writing fascinating pieces of content on topics relevant to growing E-commerce businesses with virtual assistant services. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with virtual assistant services for growth hacking E-commerce businesses so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.

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