Virtual Assistant Newsletter

Virtual Assistant Newsletter

It has been observed that small businesses and large enterprises alike can benefit a lot from sending email newsletters in the form of a campaign to their subscriber list. These newsletters can range from acquisition emails, retention emails, and email newsletters. It is never an easy task to create a picture-perfect email newsletter. What is even more difficult is to deliver your email campaigns to your entire list of email subscribers. This task is made easier by eComVA.

Our highly talented team of eCommerce virtual assistants will help you to cater to your target audience once you get their email address by sending the newsletter to them.

These newsletters will be highly customized according to the needs and requirements of your target audience. This includes designing the newsletter, writing the content from scratch, executing the plans with utmost precision and reporting the number of people who actually clicked and opened your newsletter.

The cost for each newsletter would be $60 and our eCommerce virtual assistants will be sending two newsletters for a minimum of 3000 customers.

Some of the newsletter services provided by us, includes:

Our dedicated virtual assistant designers have the prowess in designing newsletters from scratch for you. They will ensure that all your newsletters are attractive enough to catch the attention of your target audience in one go.

We have a team of content writers who will work as a part of your team and create content for the newsletter so that you can get more open rates on your email campaign. This way you can always go one step ahead of your competitors.

Our virtual assistants will send your newsletters to your subscriber list and also check the number of people who have clicked on the email newsletter. This way you will always have a report in front of you in terms of total deliverables.

Our eCommerce virtual assistants will report each and every task that they perform when it comes to developing the newsletter. Through the reports you will get a fair idea of the performance of your newsletters that are sent to the subscriber list.

Newsletter Services
$60 3000 minimum customers