BlogWhy is Adobe Commerce the Ultimate Choice for Your Ecommerce Store?

Why is Adobe Commerce the Ultimate Choice for Your Ecommerce Store?

Sep 27, 2023
Why is Adobe Commerce the Ultimate Choice for Your Ecommerce Store?

Are you in search of the right platform to cater to your business objectives? If yes, Adobe Commerce is the name that you can count on. It is identified as one of the top 10 most recognised ecommerce platforms. This platform comes well-equipped with several interesting features, making it a go-to choice for business owners in the present times. 

If you are still confused and wondering whether it would be a good idea to choose this platform, then it is suggested to read this blog post before opting for Adobe Commerce store management services. Here, we will focus on informing about the key features of Adobe Commerce that contribute to its continuously increasing popularity. So, let’s dig in:

What is Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce is known to be an enterprise edition of the popular ecommerce development platform called Magento. It is well-known for its robustness, which empowers businesses to build and manage ecommerce stores in the best possible manner. So, whenever you use this platform, you can deliver a smooth customer experience, optimise your business processes and boost your sales volume.

What is the Significance of Selecting the Right Ecommerce Platform?

You, as an ecommerce business owner, could reap many exciting benefits by choosing the right ecommerce platform. Here, we have discussed a few notable ones:

  • User Experience: The specific platform you select considerably impacts the user experience of your ecommerce store.  Choosing a well-designed and user-friendly platform is always suggested as it ensures a smooth checkout process, easy navigation and fast load times. All of these ultimately result in higher customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Scalability: With the growth of your business, you may need to scale it. So, the ecommerce platform you choose should be able to scale with your growing business. Selecting the right platform will effectively accommodate a rise in traffic, product listings and transactions without compromising the performance. If you have chosen Shopify, you can approach professional agencies who offer assistance to manage Shopify store.
  • Customisation and Branding: Whenever you choose the ideal platform, it allows for customisation to  effectively reflect your brand’s unique identity. It includes the ability to select layouts, themes and features that well align with the customer’s expectations and your brand’s image.
  • Security and Compliance: Security is a primary concern for online shoppers. If you have selected the right platform, you do not have to worry about this aspect. The ideal ecommerce platform will offer encryption of customer data, secure payment processing and compliance with industry standards like PCI DSS. All of these will offer protection against cyber threats. Not only that, but it also aids in building trust with customers.
  • Payment and Shipping Options: The platform you choose should effectively support a diverse range of shipping methods and payment gateways. This flexibility helps customers get convenient alternatives for receiving orders and completing transactions.
  • SEO and Visibility: It is crucial to select a platform with solid SEO capabilities that helps boost the visibility of your online store in search engine results. In turn, it aids in attracting organic traffic and boosting the discoverability of your store.

What are the Top 10 Features That Make Adobe Commerce an Ideal Platform?

  1. Live Search

The search function helps establish the first point of contact between a user and your store. It holds a lot of importance in shaping the overall customer experience. Due to this reason, it should be given top priority while building an online store. You will find this live search feature in Adobe Commerce. Leveraging its live search tool helps take the store’s UX to the next level.

The live search uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies by which you will get “searchandizing” capabilities. So, you could deliver tailored search results, eventually leading to higher conversion rates and more sales. In this case, the search results will be more efficient and swifter. You will even get precise search reports of what users are searching for, which helps refine your marketing or business strategies. To know more about this, you can contact agencies inclined towards offering the best Adobe Commerce store management services. 

  2. Self-Service Features

Currently, most of the customers give preference to self-service, especially in the B2B industry. They are the ones who prefer doing detailed research before making a final purchase. Adobe Commerce is such a platform that excels in streamlining this journey. It again facilitates a confident and well-informed decision-making process. 

You can expect to find many of the self-service features in the Adobe Commerce platform, which includes the following:

  • Drafting and publishing product reviews.
  • Effective management of the leftover credits, quotes and purchases.
  • Smooth order placement primarily through CSV uploads or SKU selection.
  • Role and permission setting.
  • Effortless re-ordering of past orders.
  • Checking order history and evaluating it.
  • Efficient tracking of reward points includes store credits and gift cards.

  3. Hybrid Business Model Support

One of the longstanding practices in the dynamic ecommerce landscape involves adapting to continuously evolving trends and exploring new market verticals. For example, many B2B businesses are involved in directly selling to the end customers to boost their sales volume. However, it necessitates optimum insights into the preferences of targeted customers and their purchasing behaviour in the online business to run a hybrid business model. 

Adobe Commerce offers you all these necessary insights, and that too in a user-friendly manner. Here, we have discussed some of the exciting features of the Adobe Commerce platform which makes it an excellent choice for hybrid companies:

  • Capability to manage multiple stores and diverse product lines.
  • Omnichannel or consistent experience for B2C and B2B channels.
  • Access to unified data for proper optimisation of the business strategies.

If you want to leverage the Adobe Commerce platform to the fullest, it is suggested to hire Virtual Assistant services

  4. B2B Capabilities

Expanding or scaling a B2B ecommerce store is incredibly challenging compared to its B2C counterpart. If you want to set up a workable B2B experience, you are expected to require many different tools and features. It will help you to effectively serve your wholesale customers or distributors. 

Generally, the B2B buyers are involved in purchasing some specific products, but in a large volume. It means they are very selective and conduct exhaustive research before making a final decision. So, in B2B commerce, you must effectively address every stage, from product discovery to final purchase, to boost the chances of conversions. It is possible through a robust ecommerce platform such as Adobe Commerce.

In Adobe Commerce, you are expected to get several pre-built B2B features, which include the following:

  • Catalogues
  • Custom Pricing
  • Price Negotiations
  • Quote Management
  • Multi-channel order management
  • Support for workflows and orders

  5. Page Builder

Adobe Commerce comes with Page Builder, which is one of its USPs. This feature allows you to create, modify and edit the site pages. The best part is that, for this, you do not need the assistance of developers. 

So, it means the marketing and customer service teams do not require technical expertise to craft new pages utilising this feature. Page Builder possesses simple drag-and-drop tools that you can use to quickly build pages without coding knowledge. It, in turn, facilitates agile marketing.

  6. Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations is another integral feature of Adobe Commerce. Similar to live search, this particular feature typically makes use of users’ data. It includes order history, products viewed, search history, etc. Many well-known brands, including Amazon, leverage this feature to reap incredible benefits. For example, this feature is helping them to generate 70 per cent of their sales. 

Thus, it becomes imperative for ecommerce business owners to use this feature to make the most out of it. Note that this recommendation feature works effectively for B2B merchants as well. In this situation, the recommended items are customised to the product line a specific customer is purchasing.

  7. Easy Integrations

One of the key points that sets Adobe Commerce apart from other ecommerce CMS is its capability to integrate with third-party channels. It includes CRMs and other customer service tools by APIs or extensions. 

In this regard, it is essential to remember that Magento is the building block of Adobe Commerce, a leading open-source platform. Thereby, it facilitates quick and easy integration of CRMs and tools that are proven to help reduce workload and optimise business processes.

  8. Flexibility

Flexibility is known to be one of the integral aspects of running an online business. In the present customer experience-focused world, it becomes essential for you to select an ecommerce development platform that allows you to customise to the fullest. Adobe Commerce is one such platform that is worth choosing if you want to achieve this objective. It offers you a lot of flexibility when tailoring the UI and the overall experience.

You can consider leveraging Amazon Virtual Assistant services for an extra layer of convenience and efficiency.

  9. Mobile Responsive

Presently, a vast majority of the customers are involved in browsing ecommerce stores through their mobile devices. It is the primary reason why it becomes crucial for you to come up with a mobile-first design to cater to those buyers effectively. Adobe Commerce is known for possessing PWA Studio. It is an exciting feature of this platform as it assists in the easy development of a mobile app-like site.

A PWA or Progressive Web Application can be an outstanding tool for novice business owners who cannot afford separate web and mobile applications. Again, when compared to a native mobile app, developing a Magento PWA is a considerably cheaper option.

  10. Scalability

Before starting an online business, you must consider that you may be required to scale up your business in the future. So, you should choose a scalable ecommerce development platform for future purposes. Along with being scalable, make sure that the platform you select is robust and cost-effective. Thankfully, Adobe Commerce comes well-equipped with all these features.

So, whenever you choose this platform, you do not have to be concerned about these aspects. You can efficiently scale up or down your Adobe Commerce store based on your financial status and unique business requirements. The best part is that you will have to pay depending on the revenue you have made in the store. Thus, you can avoid paying for the capability you don’t use.

Final Thoughts

After learning about the notable features of Adobe Commerce, we hope you have a clear idea about why it is the best fit for your online business requirements. Although it might seem a little costly for individuals with a tight budget, it would be more economical in the long run compared to other available options. 

If you want to get the most out of this platform, then all you need is to opt for best-in-class Adobe Commerce store management services. Many of the well-known companies are involved in offering related solutions. So, you can get in touch with them to experience the difference. 

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