BlogHere are 8 expert tips on how to optimize your Amazon product listing

Here are 8 expert tips on how to optimize your Amazon product listing

Jan 02, 2023
Here are 8 expert tips on how to optimize your Amazon product listing

Have you thought about why some products are displayed on the top in the eCommerce store? There are multiple reasons to optimize your store and prioritize the products that bring better business sales. 

Amazon product optimization is a complex procedure and essential to increase business exposure.

Over 55% of customers begin their shopping searches for Amazon. This means if you have the correct strategy and quality products to sell on Amazon, you can generate better revenue for your business. 

We will be sharing some fruitful insights to optimize the product listing. 

What is Amazon product listing?

It is the product page for every item that is sold on Amazon. This is a collection of information about the products you enter while listing the products, like titles, images, prices, and descriptions. It aims to make your products visible on Amazon searches and encourage customers to purchase. 

Some noteworthy features offered by Amazon are:

  • Title: It is the name of the product that will appear at the top of the listing. 
  • Images: These are pictures of the product to help the customer visualize it and make an informed decision. 
  • Description: It is a detailed explanation of the products. This will include the features, specifications, and benefits. 
  • Pricing: This is the product’s cost, including the taxes and fees. 
  • Reviews: They are the ratings and comments of the customers who have bought the products. 
  • Relevant products: Customers can view related products from the listed ones, which will gain their interest. 
  • Availability: It indicates whether the product is available in stock. This is also beneficial to the owner to understand the demand for the products. 
  • Seller Details: Amazon showcases the name and contact details of the seller. Also, ratings and relevant seller policies help the customers make the right decision. 

Some expert tips to optimize the Amazon product listing:

1. Amazon brand registry 

It does not bring a high volume of eCommerce business, but it validates your business. Also, you can register multiple brands under one account. The main function is to enable the sellers to gain detailed page control and report product issues. It will unlock the tools and resources to protect the brand. Some useful tips for this strategy are:

  • Brand Reputation: This protects your brand and products on Amazon. It will prevent unauthorized sellers from using your brand and logo.
  • Enhance Product Listing: It gives access to the additional features of product listing, like brand and A+ content, to showcase your products better. 
  • Boosts Visibility: When you list products in the brand registry, it improves the visibility of the products and uses search terms and keywords relevant to the brand. 
  • Gather reports: Amazon gives access to various metrics and reports through the brand registry. This includes customer feedback, performance, order quantity, and more to track success. 

2. Monitor existing amazon listings 

 The success of the business depends on your inventory management skills. Users can create a spreadsheet to monitor the existing product listing. A better database must have all the brand names, product names, or model numbers. Some methods to watch are:

  • Third-Party Tools: Many resources are available to track and monitor Amazon product listing. They help to provide detailed analysis and insights into your product listings, like customer reviews and product rankings. 
  • Competition: Monitor the competitors about the products and listings to compare with other sellers. It gives access to the weakness in the listings and makes improvements. 
  • Customer Feedback: Pay close attention to the customer response and reviews for the products to identify the concerns and address them instantly for a better experience.  

With the help of virtual assistant services, you can easily deal with ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to determine the products

3. Focus on the product title 

Amazon allows the length of the product title to be around 250 characters. The title aims to inform the buyer and convince them to buy the product. Your product title should include brand, model, quantity, color, and more elements. Things you must not use in the product titles:

  • Do not use capital letters for every word
  • Promotional messages like free shipping or discounts
  • Adding subjective commentary like a best seller, trending, and more
  • Seller information is irrelevant in the product title 
  • Avoid adding special characters like #, @, and similar ones

4. Quality product images 

Amazon permits the sellers to add nine images, while the quality depends on you. It is better to use a white background in the product images as it highlights the product. Showcase the product from different angles, the product in use, and the product’s packaging. It is recommended to fill the minimal 85% of the image. The technical requirements are:

  • Use formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF
  • The color mode should be RGB or CMYK 
  • The dimension must be 1000 pixels in height or width

5. Adding right keywords 

They are an integral section of product listing in the Amazon store. You can hire Amazon virtual assistant to index the products from relevant search terms. It is important to focus on the high-demand and fewer competition keywords with the help of effective tools. Focus on two types:

  • Primary Keywords are visible to the users used in the product titles, features, and descriptions. It will help to connect with the target audience. 
  • Hidden Keywords: Amazon gives the freedom to add hidden or backend keywords that are not visible to the users. They are known as search terms which are dependent on the user behavior. 

6.  Encourage Customer Reviews 

In case the customers get high-quality results, Amazon considers product reviews and ratings with the search algorithm. If your products have great ratings and reviews, gaining more visibility in the store is important. 

Some methods to gain more reviews for the products are:

  • Email: Once customers place an order, they will get automated emails, like order confirmation, status, and shipment. Invite the users to share a review for the products and encourage them to connect in case of any inconvenience. 
  • Print: The materials used in the order shipment should be included in the products to share reviews. This allows you to have the Call-To-Action on the products. 

7. Add Bullet Points 

After you work on the title, focus on the key product features. When you deal with ecommerce store management, the platform allows five bullet points. This will enable you to add relevant keywords and provide compelling information. 

Some helpful tips to add bullet points to your products are:

  • It is important to focus on the main features and benefits of the products 
  • Insert a detailed explanation to make it easier for the customers 
  • Make customers understand the uniqueness of the products 
  • Explain if the product is solving the customer’s issues 
  • Also, add product information like quantity, size, colors, material, and more
  • Work on making the product description compelling 

8. Decide the competitive pricing 

This is another crucial segment of the Amazon listing, which enables the product to appear on the top pages of search results. Monitor the pricing of the competitors and try to adapt to them automatically. Optimize the price of the products as it is essential to be profitable for the eCommerce business. 

What are the benefits of optimizing Amazon product listing?

There are great returns of having a quality Amazon product listing are:

  • Boost Sales: Use Amazon product variations to provide customers with a better experience. Sellers can work on displaying a single product based on color, style, or size. This makes it effortless for the customers to get the exact product they are looking for and even look at the alternate choice. 
  • Marketing Tools: There is a range of tools and resources that will help to promote the products to the customers, display ads, marketing strategies, and include brand reputation. 
  • Order Fulfilment: Amazon order fulfillment services allow one to manage the products in the inventory. This ensures complete orders on time and avoids stocking too many products. 
  • Analytics and Reports: The platform provides detailed analysis and performance information that is easier to understand customer behavior and make decisions about the business. 
  • Target Customer Base: Selling on the largest eCommerce platforms around the globe gives you better opportunities and effortlessly reaches potential customers. 
  • Highly Convenient: It brings better opportunities for the customers to find the products. This will save time and resources by providing strong customer support. 

Summing it up!

Now, you might understand the importance of optimizing Amazon product listing for your business. At the same time, Amazon product optimization is a challenging task that can be easily managed with the help of skilled virtual assistants. 

They will provide accurate and thorough information about the products to gain loyalty and increase the chances of customers buying again from your collection. The main aim is to stand out from the competition by utilizing the features and resources provided by Amazon.

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