BlogHow Dropshipping Works The Ultimate Guide [Updated for 2023]

How Dropshipping Works The Ultimate Guide [Updated for 2023]

Dec 26, 2022
How Dropshipping Works The Ultimate Guide [Updated for 2023]

Have you considered Dropshipping to scale your business? When you have an online store, following the trends and engaging potential leads becomes inevitable. 

Did you know that Dropshipping assistant increases around 50% the potential of the business to gain profits? Even if you are unfamiliar with the process, benefits, cons, and more, we will share the information in this content piece. 

What is Dropshipping?

It is a retail fulfillment method where the store is not responsible for keeping the products they will sell. It will purchase the items from a third party and have them shipped to the customers directly. This means the seller does not have to deal with any products directly. 

The ideal difference between the standard and Dropshipping retail model is that the merchant owns no inventory. The three parties involved are:

  • Retailers: They will sell the products directly to the public.
  • Manufacturers: They create the products, but they don’t sell directly to the public. Instead, sell it to the retailers and wholesalers.
  • Wholesalers: They purchase products from the manufacturers and then sell them to retailers.

What is the investment in the Dropshipping business?

The cost of starting and running the business is highly different from a traditional eCommerce store. Even after it saves the cost of storing, managing, or fulfilling the goods, certain things require your investments. The three core elements of assets are:


There are certain charges for the eCommerce hosting platform. Most dropshipping marketplaces have free solutions but specific charges to access better functions and services. 


We know there are multiple methods to market your store, but sometimes you have specific targets which require some tools that are not free of cost. Optimized social media ads will help target the right audience and provide better engagement. 

Time Consumption 

Dropshipping is not a direct monetary investment, but it is important to understand the value of time to run the business. Launching this business requires researching and setting up an effective custom solution. 

How does Dropshipping work?

  1. Create an eCommerce store and add relevant products
  2. The customer will react to your store and order the products as per their requirements
  3. The customer will complete the transactions for the products plus the shipping

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  1. Then you be the mediator, place an order to the supplier
  2. The supplier will then pack the order and ship the products to the customers

How to choose an ideal supplier for your business?

Some queries that you can ask potential suppliers dealing with your products are:

  • What are the pricing and factors that affect the pricing? 

Before you get a Dropshipping partner, know the market pricing and make an ideal choice for your business. It should be enough to get you a decent profit for the products and services. 

  • Do they have any handling fees?

It is important to assess this and its consequences on the profit margin. As a mediator, it is important to streamline the customer and supplier process. 

  • What is the process of shipment?

As a Dropshipping business, this plays a crucial role in keeping your customers updated about their order status. Know the return and warranty policies for the products to keep them clear for the customers. 

What are the unique features of Dropshipping?

1. Shopping Cart 

It is an amazing feature for businesses to sell various items and services. An online shopping cart is where customers can add and remove products conveniently. This gives a real-time update to ensure proper stock management. 

2. Inventory Management 

With the Dropshipping strategy, users do not have to deal with the backend systems. As this deals with contact management, quality product delivery, and customer service, you must ensure that everything is in sync. 

3. Real-time Shipping Prices 

When the customer order and adds multiple items to the shopping cart, they will compare the pricing and look at the total cost at various intervals. The shipping price can be a surprise factor in deciding if the customers process the order further. With Dropshipping, it is easier to display real-time shipping, which will be based on the different suppliers and retailers. 

4. Strong Customer Support 

Dropshipping handles most of the crucial tasks, but various aspects should still be managed perfectly to ensure great business performance. The Amazon FBA VA can handle all the functions like monitoring orders, sending emails, personalization for customers, and more. Also, many automation tools reduce your tasks and take on the most repetitive responsibilities. 

5. Database Management Service 

The data of customers, inventory, and orders are crucial for the business’s success. This also ensures that your visitors have a great experience with your Dropshipping process and make a successful purchase. There should be a defined process that helps monitor customers’ actions and build personalized strategies to meet business requirements. 

6. Faster Checkout process

This is the step where most online businesses face a higher abandonment rate. Customers expect to complete their orders with minimal effort without going through a long and complicated process. So, being responsible for managing the order processing, it is important to ensure that the process is easy and hassle-free. 

7. Right Compliance 

There are chances that the supplier will compromise with the quality of products, which can spoil your reputation. So, when you onboard a new supplier, ensure that they follow the right code of conduct and meet the brand reputation. Time limits can be set for the delivery to provide a great customer experience and meet their expectations. 

8. Checkout for Guest Users

Many customers do not want to register and place an order. It is better to provide checkout for such users where you ask for minimal details like name and mobile number to place the order successfully. This would make the process faster and boost business growth. 

10. Secure your store 

Dealing with an eCommerce store requires sensitive customer information to complete the process. Your store must support SSL to encrypt sensitive information. Also, tools like Walmart automation services, email marketing services, and more share only necessary details with the customers or third-party systems. Also, it secures your store from online fraud, theft, and more.   

What are the benefits of Dropshipping business?

It is a great business model for the start-up as it consumes minimal resources. They allow them to test different marketing strategies and understand which will generate better returns. Some great reasons to invest in the Dropshipping model: 

Less investment

Without having an inventory, one can run an eCommerce business successfully. Some of the vital elements are:

  • Launch the eCommerce store without investing more money to run it successfully
  • No requirement to purchase the products unless the customer places an order
  • There are fewer risks to starting the Dropshipping business 

Great Customer Services

Being the service’s mediator makes it easy to provide a smooth customer journey on your ecommerce store. Providing quality products increases the chances of retaining customers with your online platform. 

Easily Scalable 

When you manage Shopify store, it has more responsibilities compared to the Dropshipping business only if you have optimized it efficiently. Getting skilled Dropshipping suppliers ensures:

  • The suppliers will manage most of the tasks to process additional orders.
  • Sales growth is highly dependent on customer support. 
  • It can list and sell products without investing in inventory. 

Easy to start a business 

Running the online store is easier as the owner does not deal with physical products. They have freedom from some of the below responsibilities:

  • Manage and pay for the warehouse 
  • Packaging and shipping the orders 
  • Track the inventory 
  • Handle inbound shipping and returns 
  • Managing stock levels or orders 

Highly flexible location 

The business can be spread to a wider target audience as there are no restrictions on the inventory and suppliers. So, this introduces a great opportunity to gain better returns. All you require is a smart strategy to deal with the customers and suppliers. 

Lower Overhead Costs 

The cost becomes highly affordable as the owner does not have anything to do with purchasing inventory or managing products. Some reasons are:

  • Requires just a website or eCommerce store and few expenses to operate it smoothly. 
  • The cost might increase as your business grows on a large scale but still be lower than the brick-and-mortar business. 

The Last Tip!

With 2023, customers will have higher expectations, and search engines will be more efficient in providing visibility to great service providers. Get your Dropshipping assistant to make this simple and follow the best practices to retain the customer. 

Begin by understanding the demand, customer expectations, and suppliers’ services. This will help to optimize your store to provide a user-friendly store that fulfills their requirements easily. 

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