BlogThe Ultimate Guide For A Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

The Ultimate Guide For A Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Sep 26, 2022
The Ultimate Guide For A Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

You must have been in situations where you wished for an extra pair of hands, power of super speed, or 30 hours in a day for executive designing and branding tasks!  

There’s a far easier and more practical solution to save time, energy, and stress: hire design virtual assistant services to get the additional help you need to complete your design tasks smoothly. 

A business can define the tone for communicating with its target audience and reflect the brand personality through brand graphic design elements.

Quality graphic designing is not at all a walk in the park. Only someone with a superior sense of colors and components, a sound knowledge of the market, and remarkable creativity will be qualified enough to deliver the best possible results.

So what exactly are virtual assistant graphic design services? Why should you hire them? And what can you do after hiring professional design assistants? There might be several questions, and this blog aims to clear all your doubts concerning graphic designing virtual assistants. 

Who is a graphic design virtual assistant?

  • Virtual assistants offering graphic designing services are self-employed, trained, and experienced professionals with special expertise in designing various marketing collaterals, including brand logos, posters, presentations, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Generally, virtual assistants work remotely, giving you the flexibility to choose from various locations across the world.
  • Design VAs generally define the number of hours they’ll dedicate to your work and set the charges accordingly.
  • Apart from that, you don’t need to support them with internet or infrastructure allowance. Virtual assistant graphic designer professionals typically have access to high-speed internet and the required tools to create spectacular designs. 

Hence, all you require is their contact details for hiring and assigning them work. Your designs will be crafted by experts and delivered on time.

Many businesses have started outsourcing this time-consuming design work to an independent contractor or agency.

A virtual assistant service or virtual assistant company is one that nurtures a community of talented young minds and provides VAs on a contractual basis to do your work. 

You get the opportunity to collaborate with an array of experienced and expert graphic designers who can help in boosting your business to give you an edge over your competitors. 

Plus, they ensure to craft compelling visuals that reflect your brand’s tonality and delight your customers. Therefore, essential business work involving designing needs to be taken care of by experts and graphics professionals to stand out from your competitors.

A graphic and web design virtual assistant can work with you to present innovative ideas and develop creative designs to present your brand in a better and more personalized way. 

What tasks can you assign to graphic design virtual assistants?

Graphic designing Virtual assistants are highly skilled in executing various design-related tasks, including:

Logo design

A logo is a fundamental graphic element that every business should have. Have you noticed that Industry-leading brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Nike, etc. don’t need to have their brand names sprawled on products or marketing materials? Their logos are powerful enough to spark recognition.

Similarly, your logo should become a visual representation of your brand that reflects your company’s vision, philosophy, and mission. 

Hire Design Virtual Assistant to determine how best to combine all these elements into one unified symbol- your brand logo. 

Website design

A good website represents a great mix of science, art, and functionality. In the current era, online traffic is highly visual. They rely mostly on visual elements and creative functionality to get information and evaluate brands.

You need a website design virtual assistant to help with design thinking. Create not just pleasing and informative visuals, but work with the website as a whole to craft a unified and purposeful graphic strategy. 

Downloading a few stock photos and adding them to your website isn’t enough. Your website is your brand’s online identity and should speak to your audience about the brand values. 

An experienced graphic designing virtual assistant can help create an exclusive professional design for your website to help you stand out and get an edge over your competitors. 

You can create custom website graphics to communicate your brand’s unique marketing message to your target audience. 


In the era of social media, video streaming, and instant messaging apps, online traffic have a shorter attention span. 

So how do you inform an audience about a broad or intricate topic without losing focus? The simple answer is infographics

These visuals can be used as a marketing tool and for educating the target audience. With compelling designs, you can easily attract and engage your target audience. 

In fact, an innovative infographic created by an expert virtual design assistant can create a lasting impression on your audience’s mind!


Flyers are immensely helpful when it comes to marketing content to wide audiences or sharing information in public places. A well-designed flyer should include your brand logo, business name, contact information, and marketing content. 

You can attract both online and offline traffic to ongoing sales, upcoming special events, or product launches by handing out or uploading flyers. While these generally target random audiences, virtual assistant graphic design services always design flyers with graphical elements to maintain brand consistency. 

Email templates

Email marketing is a great way to share personalized marketing messages for quick conversion.

Abandoned cart reminders, monthly newsletters, dormant customer recall emails, etc., are great for attracting new leads and nurturing existing customers.

For greater impact, it’s important to keep your messages concise and easy on the eyes. Having a structured layout and excellent graphics is critical for this. A virtual design assistant can help you in that area. 


Preparing a sales pitch through a PowerPoint presentation? A virtual assistant graphic designer can assist you to organize ideas in a more structured way and make your proposal more dynamic. 

A designer’s design theory and visual input help the audience absorb intricate information better. Besides, having a tasteful PowerPoint presentation boosts your team’s confidence and enthusiasm, helping them deliver better and close the deal. 

Social media posts

Every social channel is unique, including the audience present, the format, structure, and tone of the content. While your posts should maintain brand consistency, you also need to ensure that the visuals maintain the correct dimensions for every channel. 

A graphic and web design virtual assistant can help you create attractive content for various social media channels. They are specially trained and experienced in understanding the requirements of each platform. 

Whether you want to post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere else– design VAs have your back!

Magazine and newspaper advertisement

Being active in the physical and digital marketing worlds can help you attract more traffic to your brand. Magazine ads have immense potential to convey powerful messages. 

Because the advertisements in these offline media are high-definition and rich in color, they can definitely leave an impact. 

Hire a graphic designer VA to help you conceptualize and create marketing collateral to ensure you get a good return on your investment.


eBooks play a vital role in your marketing and branding process. Hence, they should always have compelling content and aesthetically creative designs to grab the attention of existing and potential customers.

Many eBooks are concise copies of classic paper brand books, which today’s tech-savvy netizen favors. 

Having your ebooks prepared by a graphic design virtual assistant guarantees packing a punch on every page with images and a layout that provides all of the necessary information in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Final word

Design virtual assistants can prove to be a valuable asset. Therefore, perform thorough background research, go through their portfolio, and take a detailed interview to understand the expertise of a design assistant. Hiring a design VA with relevant experience can give you impeccable graphics and good ROI. 


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