Blog18 Tasks You Can Assign to Your Shopify Virtual Assistant

18 Tasks You Can Assign to Your Shopify Virtual Assistant

Aug 24, 2021
18 Tasks You Can Assign to Your Shopify Virtual Assistant

There are many e-commerce stores available in the market. So, what can you do to make yours stand out from the crowd? Have you heard of Shopify virtual assistant? Be it small, medium, or large scale, every business focuses on growth in the digital market. One of the most common and popular platforms is Shopify. There are millions of ways to grow your business, but have you given a thought to hire Shopify Virtual Assistant?

What are the different Shopify plans available for the users?

Shopify has a collection of plans with different services and features. You need to make the decision based on your business requirements and targets. Let us have a look at them:

Basic Shopify: It is available at $29 per month. This will enable the business owner to sell unlimited products and cost-effective solutions. 

Shopify Plan: It is a bit costly, but also provides an additional feature to the host. It gives you insights into your Shopify store. 

Advanced Shopify: This is an expensive plan. This gives advanced reports that allow you to customize your store for a better customer experience. 

Shopify Plus: It is a solution for organizations looking for an e-commerce platform and growing it in the future.  

Make your pick wisely! It is vital to have the right Shopify plan. 

What are the tasks you can assign to a virtual assistant for Shopify?

1. Account Set up

The first thing to do to start a new e-commerce venture is to build a Shopify account. The platform provides ease of usage and is highly customizable. Your Shopify VA is efficient to handle the process and build a strong business page.

2. Product Sourcing

Selling a specific product in the business can be challenging and might not generate significant sales. It is essential to have a collection of products that define your brand. Once you Shopify virtual assistant, they will work on product sourcing. They will make a product list and add them to your store. This might help to strike a great deal with the manufacturers and suppliers.

3. Website Designing

The design of the web plays a vital role in the digital world. Shopify Virtual Assistant will help to build and maintain brand identity. This helps to target the right audience and gain more traffic to your Shopify store. Virtual Assistants have the proper knowledge to create engaging website designs. They can handle all the elements involved in the Shopify website design.

4. Website Development

The virtual assistant services will deal with how your website works. Even with engaging website looks, it must be functional and secure for the visitors. You can hire a Shopify virtual assistant that has experience in maintaining the flow of the website smoothly.

5. UI and UX Management

Shopify has a collection of default templates that helps business owners to build e-commerce stores. There are chances that you might not be satisfied with the elements of this template. You will need a Shopify VA to add unique functions and features to get potential customers to your store.

6. Product Listing

People looking to make a successful purchase are very impatient and need a response instantly. They will need the website to respond within a few seconds. The Virtual Assistant for Shopify will help understand the customer requirements and provide a better experience in the store.

7. Customer Retention

Small businesses always have to win battles to get solid customer retention. This is because people prefer well-known brands that have won their trust. A virtual assistant might know the right strategies to compete with them and build a strong relationship with your customers.

8. Get Reports and Analysis

Shopify store has a great collection of analytics tools. The main challenge is when you have to select the best one for your store. Here, the experienced Shopify Virtual Assistant can interpret user behavior with tools and know the proper methods to enhance sales and profits.

9. Email marketing

This has been in the market for a long time, and it is still a relevant tool for the Shopify store. Your Shopify VA will ensure to create and manage the emails.

10. Conversion Rate Optimization

This is a complicated process, but it can increase your revenue and provide quality traffic if you follow the right strategies. From a business owner perspective, you cannot take any risks. Hire eCommerce virtual assistant who is an expert in CRO can help turn your visitors into potential customers.

11. Pay-Per-Click

This method is used to promote your website, but it is essential to balance when planning paid promotions. Take help from a Shopify VA to track your PPC campaigns and improve them for better results.

12. Search Engine Optimization

Once you have completed your content and graphics, it is time to improve its rank on the search engines. When you step into the online world, it is vital to have a strong online presence, where SEO-friendly websites play a crucial role. eCommerce Virtual assistants will follow the best practices, ensuring you gain better ranks on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

13. Social Media Management

There are multiple social media platforms, and you should have consistency on each one to gain better conversions. Shopify supports the integration of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook with your account. Get virtual assistant services to leverage social media followers and convert them into your customers.

14. Content Writing

Content writers are essential players in online platforms. As your content will help the visitors to make the right decisions. Virtual Assistants will write the correct product descriptions, which will help customers to understand and know its benefits. They have the right skills to make your content engaging and keyword-rich.

15. Keyword Research

It is essential to get a profitable niche to drive organic traffic, which needs deep keyword research. Work with a Shopify VA who has access to fantastic research tools. They will make a keyword list and optimize that in your content.

16. Order Processing

People prefer online platforms because it’s highly convenient and more accessible. Having a Shopify store, it is crucial to give a seamless process to order. Hire a virtual assistant for Shopify to manage your order process and deliver customer satisfaction.

17. Product Fulfillment

It is essential to ship your orders to the customers smoothly. Some business owners fail to manage the whole process, which can lead to losing potential customers. If you have an experienced Shopify VA, they will manage your product fulfillment and ensure customers get their deliverables.

18. Manage Inventory

Online business will run better if you manage your inventory. The Shopify virtual assistant can ensure you have the perfect balance of your products in-store. Also, they will ensure to make sales and profits in the business.


Getting a Shopify virtual assistant can unlock all the features of your e-commerce platforms. They have experience using tools to manage shipping, reporting, customer service, analysis, shipping, and customer experience. 

Shopify offers excellent scalability, efficiency, support, and security to business owners. It might be the right choice to hire a virtual assistant for Shopify to enhance your productivity and performance in the market. We have significant experience that gives us the inside-out of the digital world. Reach Us! To get access to the best Shopify experts and build robust strategies to scale your business effortlessly.

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