BlogA Detailed Guide BigCommerce Store Management

A Detailed Guide BigCommerce Store Management

Jul 22, 2022
A Detailed Guide BigCommerce Store Management

BigCommerce is an eCommerce software platform for manufacturers, retailers, and merchants searching for an online store builder site.

BigCommerce is hugely popular for supporting small to mid-size businesses. With the BigCommerce platform, you can manage products, process orders, track logistics, create discounts, and much more.

The e-commerce platform is integrated with powerful features to help enhance profits and safeguard your business through fraud monitoring, product rating displays, abandoned cart savers, etc. With professional Bigcommerce product store management services, you can easily take advantage of these remarkable features.

Additionally, in the BigCommerce development platform, you can leverage the simple yet incredibly creative drag-and-drop panels to help you easily design and develop your store. Since its launch in 2009, nearly 100,000 e-commerce stores and businesses have earned over $8B through the platform.

What Is Inventory Management? 

Whether you are venturing into a small-scale startup or have an established corporation, you’ll always need to have the correct Bigcommerce product store management strategy and processes in place.

Inventory is a prominent financial asset for any business. In reality, mismanaged inventory can lead to a significant increase in operating costs and financial losses.

Did you know in 2017, a survey by the National Retail Federation revealed that, on average, retailers (including eCommerce businesses) suffered a loss of 1.33% of sales due to inventory shrink? 1.33% might seem like a small percentage, but the loss was valued at a whopping $46.8 billion.

Fortunately, the platform is integrated with essential tools required for Bigcommerce Store Management from tracking inventory to managing reorders and exchanges. However, the platform has one drawback, the store management features are only available for monitoring and tracking finished goods inventory.

On the other hand, manufacturers require a robust application for tracking raw materials and work-in-progress inventories.

BigCommerce, suggests and supports third-party apps for optimizing your manufacturing inventory control. With professional Bigcommerce Store Management services, integrate third-party applications for managing your eCommerce store.

Why is BigCommerce Inventory Management Important?

Despite the rise in the volume of inventory, almost 50% of small businesses haven’t deployed any inventory management system. BigCommerce encompasses native functionality that assists in making inventory management an integral part of regular business operations.

Additionally, several third-party warehouse management applications can integrate with the BigCommerce platform for seamless store management.

These are the most vital reasons why inventory management is essential:

Enhance Inventory Information Accuracy

With almost more than 45% of online consumers shopping across multiple channels, it can become incredibly challenging to track their purchase behavior. Consequently, multichannel inventory management also becomes increasingly complicated.

Nearly 15% of multichannel inventory discrepancies in E-Commerce are mostly because of inefficient systems with malfunctioning communication. With the correct software and  BigCommerce store Management Services, you can craft a robust management strategy.

Leverage Data to Improve Business Outcomes

Overstocking and understocking are the two major complications plaguing the E-Commerce industry. The likelihood of these complications generally increases during promotional marketing campaigns, new product launches, seasonal discounts, and holidays when purchases are skyrocketing.

Efficient Bigcommerce Store Management provides you with actionable data that you can use for strategizing your business plans.

Inventory and sales statistics offer insight into the product’s lifecycle—how it’s moving, how frequently, and how quickly. You can get knowledge on consumer buying patterns that help make data-driven business decisions.

Inventory Management data

  • Sheds light on how specific SKUs are selling
  • Tracks your best and worst-selling products
  • Give insights on individual product statistics.

While the fundamental aim of inventory management is to have an accurate log of products, it is also useful for getting useful insights that can be leveraged to fulfill your business goals.

Enhances Overall Productivity Of Your Resources

Manual product tracking and Bigcommerce product Store Management can be both mundane and time-consuming. Your employee uses significant time to track lost inventory and handle customer concerns arising from inventory complications.

By introducing BigCommerce inventory management automation, your employees can unlock enhanced productivity. The automation can be further streamlined with third-party integrations, which incredibly minimizes the risk of human error.

Common Obstacles with BigCommerce Store Management

The most common obstacles of BigCommerce store management include the following.


Overstocking costs your business money. You’ll end up pouring excessive money into procuring resources and storage fees and also run a greater risk of your products being damaged or stolen.

Overstocking also comes with the risk of becoming obsolete and perishable products getting spoiled.

Therefore, it is crucial to get an accurate forecast about the precise quantity of stock you will require. An experienced BigCommerce store management services agency can help you select and integrate the correct software for extracting advanced analytics and identifying the correct amount of stocks.


Many businesses reduce the order size and maintain a minimal stock count to avoid the risks associated with overstocking. This is known as understocking. Understocking comes with its own set of challenges, including chances of running out of stock, loss of sale, and consequently adverse impact on brand reputation due to dissatisfied customers.

Incorrect Stock Level Counting

Many elements can contribute to Inaccurate stock labeling, such as human errors during cycle counts, manual store management (inventory and order), incorrect restocking of canceled, returned, or exchanged orders, etc.

Professional BigCommerce Bigcommerce Store Management services help avoid situations where your website displays a mismatched number of available units. Integrating automation also prevents out-of-stock error listings despite having stock.

Non-Centralized Inventory Management System

Without a centralized store management system, you are unable to have a clear idea of:

  • The accurate detailing of present stocks.
  • Correct quantity to be ordered for restocking
  • How your inventory requires upgradation based on sales
  • Forecasting for upcoming promotional campaigns and seasons
  • Current overhead expenses.

Non-centralized systems might work for small startups, but they’re not scalable.

Types of Inventory Management Costs

BigCommerce Store Management encompasses several costs, including:

  • Ordering costs: Cost associated with purchase requisitions, stock procurement, invoicing, generating purchase orders, tracking purchase orders, resources spent on vendor communication, etc.
  • Holding expenses: costs associated with warehouse space rent, electricity expenses, temperature and atmosphere optimization, and stock depreciation.
  • Handling expenses: Handling costs encompass stock pick-up charges, packaging, shipping label creations, logistics expenses, labor, and equipment.

Signs That You Need Professional Inventory Management

Following are the signs that you require professional store management virtual assistance for the BigCommerce store:

  • Late shipments increase with the addition of new sales channels.
  • Slower time to market and higher order returns.
  • More understocking circumstances or capital blocked in overstock.
  • Slower customer service leads to fewer delighted customers
  • Inability to present the true essence of omnichannel experiences

How to Configure BigCommerce Store Management

Establish Inventory Tracking In Bigcommerce

BigCommerce platforms enable users to track and update product stocks with real-time purchases automatically. Turn off the product tracking; the product is always considered in stock even when stock runs out.

Plan In Advance For Out-Of-Stock Events

When you are venturing into a product-based business, you’ll inevitably run out of stock. Part of BigCommerce product Store Management encompasses being prepared for unavailability scenarios and controlling what your customers see. 

BigCommerce out-of-stock settings direct what a customer views and what actions are taken when stock for a product reaches zero. The out-of-stock settings allow you to:

  • Hide the product completely
  • Hide the product, but leave the product page accessible
  • Redirect to the category page

Establish Order Adjustment Behaviors In The Bigcommerce Platform

The next step for store management involves automating what happens when orders are placed in your system. This will enable automatic inventory adjustment once each product is sold.

Allowing Stock-Level Displays To Customers

BigCommerce store management allows you to determine whether or not your customers know how much product is remaining in the inventory. You can leverage this option for urgent marketing.

Statistics published by GrowCode reveal that creating a sense of urgency in the eCommerce shopping universe affects purchasing psychology and raises conversions by almost 9%.

Trigger Alarms For Low Stocks

Your store manager needs to stay updated on product levels to ensure your store never runs out of stock. BigCommerce store management services allow notification configurations. You’ll receive a notification through an automated email when any product inventory reaches a preset minimum limit. Thus, you’ll always know when it’s time to restock.

What App Features Should You Look For BigCommerce Store Management?

While integrating an app within your BigCommerce Store, ensure to check the following features:

  • Flexibility in order routing and fulfillment module
  • Allows inventory control in multiple locations
  • Multichannel inventory management
  • Automate operational responsibilities
  • Allows enterprise visibility from every angle (orders, inventory, products, promotions, customers, etc. )
  • Automated reordering

The Best Apps for BigCommerce Inventory Management

The best applications and software trusted by eminent companies and professional agencies include:

  • Brightpearl
  • Skubana
  • Pulse Commerce
  • SKULabs
  • Sparkshipping
  • Logiwa
  • NumberCruncher
  • Fishbowl
  • Linnworks
  • Ecomdash
  • Sparkshipping
  • Order Desk

Streamlined BigCommerce Store Management Supports Continuous Growth

The fundamental objective goal of every eCommerce store or business is to improve sales. Therefore, to improve your sales, you need to ensure inventory and overall store are managed appropriately and correctly.

For retailers who wish to optimize their BigCommerce store, leveraging the appropriate automation apps and a centralized system ensures precise counts, minimized overhead, improved team productivity, and seamless, streamlined operations.

Collaborate with professional BigCommerce store management Services to improve your store operations and enjoy greater sales.

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