BlogBigCommerce Store Advantage: Strategies for Product Store Management

BigCommerce Store Advantage: Strategies for Product Store Management

Feb 22, 2024
BigCommerce Store Advantage: Strategies for Product Store Management

If you have done a bit of research on the diverse eCommerce platforms to start your online store, you might have definitely shortlisted BigCommerce as one of the preferences. But, there might be some confusion that might be refraining you from finally deciding on creating a BigCommerce store! 

One of the conflicts that you might have in your mind is BigCommerce product store management! With tons of features and a good amount of products, managing your store might become complex on BigCommerce. This dilemma is what might be keeping you away from making a final call on choosing this platform. 

But do you know you can hire BigCommerce store management to look after your crucial business operations? Probably you didn’t!

When you have some astounding experts as part of your remote workforce, dealing with the redundant and time-consuming tasks, running your store on a feature-loaded and highly functional platform like BigCommerce becomes easier. 

To help you be a bit more aware of how the BigCommerce store management VAs manage to handle operational hassles, this article enlightens you with some of their strategies. 

Which Strategies VAs Use for Your BigCommerce Store Management?

There are indeed a lot of tasks across diverse departments when you are running a BigCommerce store. But, just because the workload is high, you cannot let go of some of the most crucial tasks. Therefore, hiring BigCommerce store management VAs is a smarter move!

With their assistance, you will be able to add practicality in terms of managing your store flexibly and saving your business capital. For you to know, the BigCommerce store VAs adopt a very strategic and structured approach for streamlining your operations and backend management attributes.

Some of those strategies include:

1. Create a Unified Dashboard

When you first hire BigCommerce store management VAs, they will help you set up a unified dashboard. It will act as their command center for controlling and executing the product store management services. 

In this hub, the BigCommerce product store management VAs will be able to monitor important metrics such as sales data, customer interactions, marketing performance and other such activities within the store. 

Apart from that, the VAs will also be tracking the periodic metrics, such as the number of visits, orders, conversions, revenue generated and other such facts. With this, it will be easier for the VAs to make informed decisions upon executing product store management services.

Depending on what level of BigCommerce store management services you need, the VAs can consider integrating third-party applications or tools to enhance the dashboard functionality. This way, monitoring the product store performance and optimizing it will be easier. 

2. Implement the Right Customizations

While you are running a BigCommerce store, you must make necessary customizations in order to enhance the performance and functionality. But, with tons of apps or services available, it becomes difficult to decide on what’s best for your business operations. 

Therefore, your BigCommerce product store management VAs will help you choose the right custom apps or services for enhancing your BigCommerce proficiency. Whether your online store needs new marketing tools or an efficient payment gateway, the BigCommerce store VAs will help pick the right integrations. 

Not only that but if you are just starting with your online store on BigCommerce, the VAs can also help you choose the right template and customize it. This way, you will be able to add a unique appeal to the store. 

Most of product store management VAs are proficient with technical or coding knowledge as well. Therefore, you can also request them to develop custom add-on modules or theme templates for your store, to make it stand out in the crowd of competitors. 

3. Integrates BigCommerce with the Existing Systems

In the long run, to ensure your BigCommerce store operations are performing consistently, you must align them with your other existing systems, such as ERP, CRM and PIM platforms. The data should be in sync across all your business systems, and that can be achieved using the BigCommerce APIs.

Amidst all the core operations of your business, seeking integrations through APIs might deviate your focus. Therefore, hiring a BigCommerce product store management VA will be a perfect move for integrating APIs to connect BigCommerce with your existing business systems. 

With the use of APIs, you will be ensuring that there’s a medium for the platforms to communicate with one another. If your business needs automation with respect to sharing or processing data across diverse enterprise systems, BigCommerce API integration is the solution. 

May it be inventory tracking order management through the ERP system or product data entry through the PIM system, your virtual assistant can help automate these aspects by successfully integrating them into your BigCommerce store. This way, your store operations will be streamlined! 

4. Work on Scaling Your Security Proficiency

When running an eCommerce business, it is very important for you to work on securing your store from cyber attackers. It’s because you will be handling sensitive customer information, such as payment details, addresses, etc. Even though BigCommerce has the best security features, it still needs some monitoring. 

Therefore, it is better to hire BigCommerce store VAs to help look after the efficiency of built-in security features and track any potential vulnerabilities. By detecting the potential loopholes and fixing them, your VAs will help prevent hackers from gaining illegal access to your store data. 

Thus, more customers will be able to trust your brand and find it reliable enough to make their purchases. Irrespective of whether you hire a BigCommerce, Shopify or Magento store management services, the VAs will approach the security needs of your store with a similar level of sophistication. 

Apart from this standard security improvement service, the VAs will also be using specific tools to further repel the possibility of frauds on your store. With the VA’s security proficiency and BigCommerce’s built-in features, such as 3D Secure or SSL encryption, you can be assured of running your business on this platform. 

5. Encouraging Strategic Product Management

Irrespective of whether you hire Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento store management services, the key duty has always been to manage the data of what you have to offer. When you are using BigCommerce, to be specific, you get ample tools backed by enhanced features to get your product data managed. 

But, without the right workforce, using those tools and creating product catalogs will all become complex! Therefore, your BigCommerce store management VAs can help you with adding or organizing products for the store. In the process, they will update the price tags, manage the inventory, add new launches and give stock out updates.

With proper inventory management, you can be assured that the demanding products will never be stocked out of your store. This way, you will be able to meet the customers’ needs on priority, which will get you a good amount of sales in the long run. 

It doesn’t matter whether you hire a BigCommerce or Shopify store management VA; the product data entry and inventory management services will be approached in a similar manner. But, hiring a dedicated VA with proficiency on the BigCommerce platform will help you add an even more streamlined store running efficiency. 

6. Work on Improving the Checkout Process

One of the biggest reasons why most customers abandon their carts is a poor checkout process. It doesn’t matter how big of a platform your store is based on; if the checkout process is complex, you will lose out on sales. You must hire BigCommerce or Shopify store management VAs to ensure seamless payment integration. 

VAs of all eCommerce platforms are equally aware of how important the seamless checkout process is. So, you don’t have to be specific about hiring a BigCommerce assistant here! 

Upon adding the popular and secured payment gateways, you will add demanding methods for the customers to avail. This will reduce the cart abandonment rate to some extent, but there’s still the overall checkout process that needs to be optimized, such as the form. 

The VAs will help you use the add-on modules or dedicated template customizations for integrating one-step checkout. This way, your customers will find it easy to complete their purchases, which will further reduce the abandonment rate. With this, better sales and high revenue will find their way to your brand store. 

Parting Words

Choosing BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform is one of the best decisions you will make in life! So, don’t let the big chunk of tasks and operations create a dilemma in your mind! It’s because you can hire BigCommerce store VAs and delegate or offload most of the redundant yet crucial tasks to them.

Whether you want to add automation to your order management aspects, or want to improve the user experience quotient of the store, BigCommerce store VAs can help you with almost all management operations. This way, you will be free to drive your focus, mostly on the core expansion events of your business. 

So, look out for the best virtual assistants to offer you a comprehensive BigCommerce store management service on demand!

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