BlogAmazon Virtual Assistants vs. In-House Teams: Pros and Cons

Amazon Virtual Assistants vs. In-House Teams: Pros and Cons

Dec 13, 2023
Amazon Virtual Assistants vs. In-House Teams: Pros and Cons

Do you know that businesses are able to decrease 78 percent of operating costs by hiring Virtual Assistants? Are you also planning to hire a virtual assistant for your business? If yes, you may be confused about whether it is a good idea to hire a VA or an in-house team.

Nowadays, the decision to hire a Virtual Assistant or a traditional employee has turned out to be a common dilemma for most businesses. It is because, currently, businesses are evolving at a rapid pace, and they also require adapting to new technologies and work environments.

Although both of these options come with their own benefits and drawbacks, you must decide depending on what works perfectly for your specific business requirements. In this detailed guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of both options, which will ultimately help you make a well-informed decision. So, make sure to read this from the start to the end before you make a hiring decision for your business:

Who are Amazon Virtual Assistants?

An Amazon Virtual Assistant refers to a remote professional who is dedicated to carrying out different activities and tasks that are related to your Amazon business. They can offer assistance related to managing your fulfilment by Amazon or FBA business.

So, they are focused on providing a diverse range of services. It includes everything from routine tasks such as addressing customer queries to managing inventory, advertising, marketing and supplier relations.

Who are the In-House Teams?

In-house teams entail employees who are directly employed by an organisation. They are involved in working on-site at the physical location of the company. These teams are known to be an integral part of the organisation and work closely with company leadership and with each other.

Also, these professionals contribute to different aspects of a business, including project management, daily operations, collaboration and developing a cohesive company culture. Unlike Virtual Assistants, in-house teams are physically present within the same workplace which helps in facilitating face-to-face collaboration and immediate communication.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants

If you are planning to hire a Virtual Assistant for your business requirements, then first of all, you should get a clear understanding of the advantages and limitations. Let’s discuss this briefly in the following section:


1. Possess Specialised Skills

Amazon Virtual Assistants often come with specialised skill sets in many different domains, as they can be situated in any part of the world. They can possess expertise in specific areas, from digital marketing to graphic design. It means whenever you hire Virtual Assistant, you do not have to conduct extensive training sessions to make them learn specific skills.

So, it allows businesses to access a diverse range of talents, which may be highly challenging to assemble within traditional in-house teams. If you need assistance in managing your ecommerce store, all you need is to opt for the best ecommerce product store management services.

2. Offers Flexibility

One of the best things about hiring virtual assistants is that they provide a high degree of flexibility, especially regarding location and work hours. They can seamlessly work from any part of the world with a stable internet connection. Also, you can hire a VA for long-term or short-term projects.

So, it means that, based on your requirements, you can decide to scale up or down your workforce without incurring the overhead costs of hiring and firing employees. This flexibility is considered to be highly beneficial in dynamic business environments.

3. Affordable

When compared to conventional employees, hiring Virtual Assistants is known to be more cost-effective. Many skilled professionals are dedicated to providing their best services at competitive rates. Thus, it effectively eliminates the need for substantial salaries, benefits, and overhead costs linked to maintaining an in-house team of employees.

You also get the option to pay them on an hourly and project basis, which means that you only pay for the work being done rather than a fixed salary, which ultimately saves you money. This affordability is considered to be highly beneficial for both medium and small-sized enterprises that are operating on a constrained budget.

4. Allows You to Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing tasks to Amazon Virtual Assistants is always a good idea as it allows you to focus on your core competencies, which will facilitate your business’s growth. It also helps free up valuable time you can invest in carrying out the most crucial activities. So, you can get a considerable boost in your productivity and efficiency as every aspect of the business can be handled by individuals possessing specialised skills and relevant experience.

5. No Need for Physical Workspace

Virtual Assistants are involved in working remotely, which eliminates the requirement for additional office space and equipment. As a result, it facilitates a significant reduction in costs. Not only that, but it also promotes a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to business operations.


While the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are many, there are certain drawbacks as well, which you should essentially consider:

1. Communication Challenges

The availability of Virtual Assistants is dependent on their time zone and location. So, it means that they may not be available during your business hours. It could lead to delays in project completion and communication. Also, there are huge chances for potential misunderstandings to happen.

2. Reduced Control over Work

Virtual Assistants are involved in working independently. It indicates that whenever you hire a virtual assistant, you will likely have less control over their work. So, they may be unable to follow the specific standards and procedures of your organisation. Also, virtual assistants may face challenges collaborating closely with your team, unlike conventional employees who are physically present in the same workspace.

3. Lack of Personal Touch

When compared to traditional employees, virtual assistants may fail to provide the same level of personal touch. It is typically because these professionals work remotely and independently. So, it may cause problems in offering customer service and sales where a personal touch plays a key role.

Pros and Cons of Hiring In-House Teams

Now, let’s have a close look at the key advantages of hiring in-house teams for your project requirements:


1. Better Collaboration and Communication

As a business owner, you would be able to establish better collaboration and communicate well with your in-house team members. Traditional employees are involved in working closely with their managers and colleagues.

So, it means that they can add a more personal touch whenever it comes to sales and customer service. Ultimately, it results in efficient communication and collaboration, which ensures the smooth accomplishment of the project.

2. Commitment and Loyalty

When compared to Virtual Assistants, traditional employees are known to possess a higher level of commitment and loyalty. It is mainly because they have a stable job and a sense of belonging, which increases their commitment to your company. So, they can go miles to achieve your desired objectives and can be associated with you for the long term.

3. More Control over Work

It is not that difficult to schedule training sessions and manage an in-house team of employees, which means you have much better control over their work. They can again strictly abide by your company’s standards and policies, which will help you successfully achieve your goals.


1. Limited Talent Pool

Whenever you decide to hire an in-house team of professionals, you are restricted to only a particular physical location. So, it means that, in this case, you can get access to a limited talent pool.

You are also restricted from accessing the best global talents, which can sometimes affect your project outcomes. Again, you may be unable to hire someone possessing specific expertise or have to pay more to attract employees from other locations. However, when you hire a virtual assistant, you do not have to deal with this limitation.

2. Less Flexibility

When seen in terms of location and work hours, traditional in-house employees lack the much-needed flexibility. They generally have to work in a physical location or office. Another problem is that they may not be available for short-term or project-based work.

3. Increased Costs

Hiring traditional employees is considered to be more expensive when compared to hiring virtual assistants. It is because, in this case, you are most likely to incur costs related to office space, benefits and equipment. Again, as these professionals are paid on a fixed salary, you will have to pay them irrespective of whether they are working or not.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the selection between Amazon Virtual Assistants and in-house teams is a strategic decision that necessitates an in-depth understanding of the specific objectives and operational requirements of the business. As evident from the above section, each of the discussed approaches has advantages and limitations.

So, finding the right balance plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustained growth and success of your business. Based on your unique business requirements, you can choose any of these options that best cater to it. However, if you have an Online store management, then you can focus on hiring a virtual assistant for Shopify who can manage the Shopify store with ease.

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