WikiHow Phone support help for eCommerce Store owner

How Phone support help for eCommerce Store owner

Aug 23, 2023

When you have an ecommerce store, it is important to provide quality support for a seamless customer experience. This ensures that there is an instant solution for the customers that increases their engagement with your platform. The best way to be at the service of your customers is by providing phone support.

What are the benefits of phone support for eCommerce stores?

1. Personalized Customer Assistance

Phone support allows store owners to provide customers with a more personalized level of assistance. Shoppers can ask questions, seek recommendations, and get real-time answers, enhancing their shopping experience.

2. Immediate Problem Resolution

Phone support enables quick issue resolution. Customers experiencing problems with orders, payments, or any other aspect of the shopping process can get instant assistance, minimizing frustration and potential cart abandonment.

3. Building Trust

Direct communication through phone support helps build trust between the ecommerce store owner and the customer. Being able to speak to a real person can alleviate concerns and doubts, which is especially important for first-time buyers.

4. Complex Inquiries

Some customer inquiries are more complex and might require back-and-forth communication. Phone support allows store owners to address these intricacies more effectively than through email or chat.

5. Reducing Cart Abandonment

When customers encounter difficulties during checkout, having a phone support option can reduce cart abandonment rates. A quick call can resolve issues related to shipping costs, payment methods, or technical glitches.

6. Upselling and Cross-selling

Phone support provides an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell products directly to customers. Skilled support agents can suggest complementary items or inform customers about ongoing promotions, potentially increasing the order value.

7. Customer Feedback

Phone support conversations can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and feedback. This information can help store owners improve their products, services, and overall customer experience.

8. Crisis Management

In case of unexpected issues, such as product recalls or shipping delays, phone support allows store owners to communicate important information to customers in a timely manner.

9. Loyalty Building

Providing excellent phone support can lead to customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to return for future purchases and recommend the store to others.

10. Competitive Advantage

While many eCommerce businesses rely solely on digital communication methods, offering phone support can set your store apart from competitors, showing that you are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

11. Accessible to a wide range of customers

Some customers may prefer or require phone support due to language barriers or disabilities that make typing difficult. Phone support ensures your store is accessible to a wider range of customers.

How to leverage phone support for your eCommerce store?

Train support staff

Ensure your support team undergoes continuous training to stay updated on industry trends, product knowledge, and effective communication techniques. Regular training sessions can make their problem-solving skills better and make sure they are well-equipped to handle diverse customer queries. Also, clearly emphasize the importance of empathy and patience in dealing with customers to create a positive experience.

Clear contact information

Make sure your eCommerce website prominently displays your phone number on key pages such as the homepage, contact page, and checkout page. Consider using a click-to-call button for mobile users to simplify the calling process. Clear contact information builds trust and encourages customers to reach out if they have questions, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Operating hours

Clearly communicate your phone support’s operating hours on your website and in any automated response systems. If your support is not available 24/7, manage customer expectations by providing information about when they can expect a response. Consider implementing an automated message that informs customers of alternative support channels or directs them to relevant online resources during off-hours.

Record calls

Optionally, consider recording calls for quality assurance and ongoing training purposes. Analyzing recorded calls helps identify areas for improvement in customer service, highlights successful interactions, and ensures consistent adherence to brand guidelines. Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and inform customers about the recording for transparency.

Integration with CRM

Integrate your phone support system with your CRM software to create a centralized database of customer interactions. This integration lets your support team access customer information quickly, providing a more personalized service. It also helps in tracking customer history, preferences, and order details, fostering a seamless and efficient support experience.

Create a feedback loop

Utilize insights gathered from phone support conversations to identify trends, common issues, and areas for improvement in your eCommerce operations. Implement a feedback loop where support staff can share valuable customer feedback with other departments like product development or marketing. This collaborative approach can lead to enhancements in both product offerings and customer service processes.

Implement click-to-call

Improve the user experience by implementing a click-to-call feature on your website. Place the button strategically, such as on product pages or the checkout page, to allow customers to connect with support instantly. This reduces waiting time and frustration, improving overall customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of successful issue resolution.

Provide multi-language support

Attract a more diverse customer base by offering phone support in multiple languages. This demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and customer satisfaction. Consider employing multilingual support agents or utilizing translation services to ensure consistent and effective communication across different languages. This approach addresses language barriers and enhances the overall customer experience, enhancing loyalty and trust.

Why are virtual assistants ideal for phone support services?


Virtual assistants can be more cost-effective than maintaining a large human support team. They eliminate the need for physical office space, equipment, and other overhead costs associated with a traditional call center. Additionally, virtual assistants can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, further reducing the need for a large workforce.

Better availability

Virtual assistants can be hired from another country. This means they can provide support even at odd times of the day, ensuring customers receive assistance at any time. This availability is especially beneficial for global businesses with customers in different time zones.

Consistent responses

Virtual assistants deliver consistent and accurate information, ensuring a uniform customer experience. They work dedicatedly for your business and understand its image to provide consistent responses. Plus, their expertise in the domain can allow them to answer in a better way, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Efficient handling

Ecommerce Virtual assistants are adept at handling routine queries efficiently. With their extensive experience, they can quickly sift through vast amounts of information to provide relevant and accurate responses, allowing companies to streamline their support processes.

Easy integration with other systems

Virtual assistants can seamlessly integrate your business with other business systems, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. This integration enables them to access and update customer information in real time, improving the overall efficiency of customer interactions and support processes.

Quick scalability

Virtual assistants offer quick scalability to meet fluctuating call volumes. Whether there’s a sudden surge in inquiries or a decrease in activity, you can easily adjust the number of virtual assistants available to handle calls. This flexibility ensures optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency.

Swift data retrieval

Virtual assistants excel at swiftly retrieving customer data due to their expertise. This capability enhances personalized interactions during calls, as virtual assistants can access and utilize customer information to provide more tailored and relevant support. This contributes to a more satisfying customer experience.

How to measure phone support performance?

Key Metrics for Assessment:

  • Average Handle Time (AHT): Measure how long your support agents spend on calls. A lower AHT often indicates efficiency and quicker problem-solving. Provide training on effective communication and issue resolution to reduce AHT without compromising quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score: Gauge customer happiness after a support interaction. Analyzing CSAT helps you understand and improve overall satisfaction. Regularly collect feedback and actively use it to make improvements. Address negative feedback promptly and recognize positive contributions.
  • First Call Resolution (FCR): Track the percentage of issues resolved in the first call. Higher FCR means happier customers and efficient support. Focus on comprehensive agent training, empowering them with knowledge and tools to address diverse customer concerns on the first call.

Using Analytics for Improvement:

  • How to Analyze Data: Dive into call logs and customer feedback regularly. Leverage analytics tools to identify patterns, common issues, and areas for improvement. Understanding the root causes of problems is crucial for effective solutions.
  • Identifying Trends: Look for recurring concerns or challenges faced by customers. Establish a system for categorizing and prioritizing these issues. Addressing common trends can significantly enhance the overall quality of support.
  • Agent Performance: Evaluate individual agent performance regularly. Provide targeted training based on identified weaknesses, and recognize and reward high-performing agents. Create a culture of continuous improvement.

While phone support can offer numerous benefits, balancing it with other support channels like email, live chat, and self-help resources is essential to create a well-rounded customer service strategy.

We have shared with you multiple methods to provide customer support on mobile devices for better communication. It is always essential to improve your support system to provide a better customer experience.

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