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How to do eBay SEO

Feb 14, 2023

With 135 million users globally, eBay has long been a place where sellers can grow their online businesses. But before you can sell your products on eBay SEO, you need to get them in front of the people who want to buy them. 

The technique of increasing your items’ exposure and ranking on eBay’s search results pages is known as eBay SEO or search engine optimization.

Tips for optimizing your eBay listing for search engines

Use keywords for maximum visibility

  • Uncover the search secrets: Search for keywords people use to find products like yours. Free tools like eBay’s search bar or Google Keyword Planner can be helpful in eBay SEO optimization. Choose search terms that have a high search volume (the number of people who look them up) but a low level of competition (the number of other sellers utilizing them).
  • Use keywords across the content: Once you have done your eBay keyword research, weave them naturally throughout your listing. Include them in your title, description, and bullet points. But remember, don’t overdo it! Stuffing keywords unnaturally can actually hurt your listing’s ranking.

Craft a unique title

  • Capture attention in a blink: Your listing title is like a shop window sign – it needs to grab attention quickly and clearly in just 80 characters.
  • Start with a bang: Put your most important keyword right at the beginning of your title. This is a prime eBay SEO strategy for grabbing eyeballs.
  • Brand & model matter (if applicable): Knowing the brand and model helps potential buyers find your item faster. Include them in the title if it makes sense.

Write a description that sells

  • Clarity is necessary: Write a clear and easy-to-read description that highlights everything a buyer needs to know about your item. Imagine you’re explaining it to a friend. If you can’t dedicate time to doing this, contact e-commerce SEO services.
  • Benefits over features: Don’t just list features like size or color. Explain how your item will benefit the buyer. Is it a comfy jacket for chilly nights? A stylish handbag for a night out?
  • Honesty is the best policy: Nobody likes surprises! Clearly describe any flaws or imperfections in your item. Transparency builds trust with potential buyers.
  • Use fewer caps and exclamation points!!! Avoid writing your entire description in all CAPS or using excessive exclamation points!!!! It can look unprofessional and overwhelm readers, ultimately affecting eBay SEO.

Maintain picture-perfect listings

  • High-quality photos are essential: People want to see exactly what they’re buying. Invest in clear, well-lit photos taken from multiple angles. Blurry or dark photos won’t do your item justice.
  • Show every detail: Don’t skimp on photos! Include close-up shots of any imperfections or special features the item has. This builds trust with buyers and avoids any unexpected surprises after the purchase.
  • Go beyond one picture: When you think about how to do SEO for eBay, it does not end with creating content. You should also aim for at least 12 photos to showcase your item thoroughly. The more information you provide visually, the better.

Categorize products efficiently

  • Find the perfect place: Choose the most specific category that accurately describes your item. This helps people find it faster in eBay’s vast marketplace.
  • Subcategories are crucial: Don’t forget to utilize relevant subcategories within the main category. This refines your listing’s searchability even further and improves eBay SEO.

Bonus tips

Mobile-friendly matters:

  • More and more people shop on their phones these days. Make sure your listing looks good and functions flawlessly on mobile devices.

Listing fees:

  • A Balancing Act: Consider listing fees carefully. A lower starting price might attract more views, but a higher starting price with a lower listing fee might be more profitable, depending on your item. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Provide shipping options:

  • For good eBay search engine optimization, offering competitive shipping rates and clear shipping policies is essential. Free shipping can be a major selling point for many buyers!


  • Building Trust: Having a clear return policy builds trust with potential buyers. Outline your return policy clearly, and be fair in your terms.

Promote your listing beyond eBay:

  • Share your listing on social media platforms or relevant online communities to reach a wider audience. Let people know about your amazing item!

Freshness is key:

  • Updating your listing regularly is one of the best practices for eBay SEO, especially if you’re running promotions or offering free shipping. This keeps your listings at the top of search results and shows potential buyers you’re active.

Keywords in action:

  • Use relevant keywords in your variations (like size or color options) to help people find your specific item.

Respond promptly:

  • An SEO virtual assistant can answer questions from potential buyers quickly. This shows that your brand is attentive and professional, which might nudge them towards buying your item.

Positive feedback is power:

  • Strive to deliver excellent customer service to earn positive feedback. Positive feedback builds trust with future buyers and strengthens your seller’s reputation.

You will improve the relevance of your product listings on eBay’s search engine by using an effective eBay SEO plan. By following these SEO techniques, you can improve the visibility and ranking of your products on eBay’s search results pages. It’s important to keep in mind that optimizing your eBay listings for search engines is an ongoing process, and you may need to adjust your strategies over time based on changes in customer preferences and trends.

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