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How to Increase Our Product Ranking on Walmart

Feb 15, 2023

Several online marketplaces use their algorithms to determine which product appears on the first page of search results and which does not. The Walmart marketplace has its own distinct set of principles to establish how things are ranked. The first page of search results is the target for the majority of Walmart vendors.

Improving your product ranking on Walmart can help increase visibility and drive more sales for your products. 

What is Walmart SEO?

Walmart SEO refers to the process of optimizing product listings and content on Walmart’s marketplace to improve its ranking in search results. Much like search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, Walmart SEO aims to enhance the discoverability of products among Walmart’s vast online audience.

One key aspect of Walmart’s SEO is understanding and aligning with Walmart’s search algorithm, which determines how products are ranked in search results.

How does Walmart’s Algorithm work?

Walmart, a retail behemoth boasting an extensive online marketplace, employs a sophisticated search algorithm to curate product listings for its vast user base. Understanding this algorithm, often referred to as “Walmart SEO,” is crucial for sellers aiming to gain visibility and maximize sales.

The optimization triangle:

At the heart of Walmart’s algorithm lies the “optimization triangle,” a framework encompassing three key elements that determine a product listing’s quality and ranking:

1. Content & Discoverability:

This facet emphasizes the descriptiveness and accuracy of product information. It encompasses elements like:

Product title: A clear, concise, and keyword-rich title accurately reflecting the product’s essence.

Description: A comprehensive and informative description highlighting key features, benefits, and specifications.

Images: Use high-quality, professional images showcasing the product from various angles.

Attributes: Accurate and detailed product attributes like size, color, brand, and material.

2. Offer:

This factor prioritizes competitiveness and customer value, taking into account:

Price: Offering a competitive price point compared to similar products.

Shipping: Providing fast, affordable, and reliable shipping options.

Stock availability: Maintaining consistent in-stock status to avoid purchase disruptions.

3. Performance:

This element focuses on seller reliability and customer satisfaction, including:

Order Defect Rate (ODR): Maintaining a low ODR, indicating minimal order fulfillment issues.

Policy adherence: Strict adherence to Walmart’s marketplace policies.

Customer response time: Prompt and professional communication with customers.

By optimizing each element within the optimization triangle, sellers can significantly improve their product listing’s ranking on Walmart’s search results pages.

Here are some tips for increasing your product ranking on Walmart:

Optimize your product listings

Make sure your product listings are complete and accurate, with clear and detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and relevant keywords. 

Also, it’s not always clear which category and subcategory to put your products in, but you will need to do this for them to appear in the appropriate searches. Instead of giving in to the urge to select “other” if you are having trouble selecting a category, employ expert virtual assistants. They can map your products accurately.

Utilize keywords

Use keywords in your product titles and descriptions that are relevant to your products and target audience. This will help make your products easier to find when customers search for them on Walmart.

Avoiding keyword stuffing is crucial since it can make your listing seem spammy and perhaps result in its suppression.

Keep your pricing competitive

Walmart customers are looking for the best value for their money, so make sure your prices are competitive compared to other sellers. When determining your prices, it is critical to consider your competitors’ prices. You also need to consider your expense and profit margin to ensure you are generating the most money while establishing pricing appealing to clients.

Encourage customer reviews

Customer reviews can have a big impact on your product ranking at Walmart. Encourage customers to leave reviews after they purchase your products, and respond to any negative reviews constructively and professionally.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can gather two kinds of reviews: Product reviews and Walmart store reviews, which are centered on you, the seller.

Keep your stock levels up-to-date

Walmart wants to make sure that customers have a consistently favorable online shopping experience, and offering products that are out of stock runs the risk of disappointing customers. Hence, low-stock or previously out-of-stock products are less likely to be rewarded with top positions at Walmart.

Make sure you have enough stock of your products so that you can fulfill customer orders in a timely manner. This will help maintain a good customer experience and keep your product ranking high on Walmart.

Advertise your products

Consider advertising your products on Walmart using sponsored product ads or other advertising formats. This can help increase visibility and drive more sales to your products.

Other advertising formats, such as display ads or sponsored brands, offer alternative ways to showcase your products to a broader audience. By investing in advertising on Walmart, you can reach more shoppers, drive traffic to your listings, and ultimately increase sales.

Why do products get ‘unpublished’ from the Walmart Marketplace?

Products can be unpublished (removed from search results) for various reasons, often falling into three main categories:

1. Compliance Issues:

  • Prohibited Items: Selling products listed on Walmart’s Prohibited Products List is strictly against policy and will result in immediate delisting. Examples include hazardous materials, weapons, and age-restricted items.
  • Trademark and Copyright Infringement: Listings infringing upon the intellectual property rights of brands or individuals will be unpublished. This includes using copyrighted content like logos or product descriptions.
  • Misleading or inaccurate information: Providing inaccurate details about the product, such as fake reviews, deceptive pricing, or misleading descriptions, will trigger delisting.

2. Product Listing Quality:

  • Missing or incomplete information: Listings lacking essential details like product title, description, images, or attributes will be unpublished until complete.
  • Low-quality or misleading images: Using blurry, irrelevant, or poorly lit images can negatively impact the customer experience and lead to delisting.
  • Inventory issues: Products with consistently low or unavailable stock may be unpublished to maintain customer satisfaction and prevent purchase disruptions.
  • Outdated listings: Listings with expired end dates or outdated information will be unpublished to ensure customers receive accurate product details.

3. Seller Performance:

  • High order defect rate (ODR): A persistently high ODR, indicating frequent order fulfillment issues, can lead to delisting due to concerns over seller reliability.
  • Policy violations: Repeated violations of Walmart’s marketplace policies, such as late shipping or misleading advertising, can result in delisting or account suspension.

Only a few tactics will propel your product listing to the top of the search results page: making minor changes to your product listings, providing excellent customer service, and keeping prices competitive. By following these tips, you can improve your product ranking on Walmart and drive more sales to your products.

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