BlogWhat Can SEO Virtual Assistant Do for Your Ecommerce Business?

What Can SEO Virtual Assistant Do for Your Ecommerce Business?

Jan 07, 2024
What Can SEO Virtual Assistant Do for Your Ecommerce Business?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to propel your ecommerce business to the top position of Google’s search results? At present, Google alone processes more than 99,000 searches every second, which comes to 8.5 billion searches on an everyday basis and about 2 trillion global searches per year. 

So, your main goal should be to secure a prime spot in the top 5 results if you want to grab the attention of maximum people and get a lot of clicks. Businesses who want to stand out in the SERP or Search Engine Results Pages should make an investment in hiring marketing experts who can assist in bringing their site to the top position. SEO virtual assistants are one of those professionals who play a pivotal role in ensuring this. 

If you are looking forward to hiring an SEO virtual assistant from a reputed ecommerce SEO agency, you should know their roles and responsibilities, which we will discuss in the following section. So, let’s dig in: 

Who are SEO Virtual Assistants?

An SEO virtual assistant is involved in working remotely on your SEO strategy by offering the best-in-class SEO services for ecommerce websites. They can help implement your SEO methods and focus on building a robust SEO strategy specific to your organization. It is suggested that you hire a graphic design virtual assistant if you need help with graphic design. 

What are the Key Responsibilities of an SEO Virtual Assistant?

An SEO virtual assistant hired from a trusted ecommerce SEO agency plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your ecommerce business by handling both onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Let’s discuss more details about this in the following section: 

Onsite SEO

Site Structure Management: Search engines always prefer websites that are structured in an efficient fashion. Their algorithms can access the website’s structure and inform users what it is about or whether it is related to their search. Based on that, a particular website can achieve a higher ranking. Whenever you hire a virtual assistant or choose SEO services for ecommerce websites, they can assist in managing your website structure by organizing web pages into a coherent hierarchy. 

Also, they can help in creating topic clusters for placing them under. A well-structured website means users can navigate your site effortlessly and discover the necessary information. You can even come across a store management virtual assistant if you need help related to e-commerce store management. 

Keyword Research: Keyword research is one of the integral aspects of SEO as it helps you target your content and marketing strategies toward the topics people are interested in. 

An SEO virtual assistant can help you by conducting comprehensive keyword research based on your buyer personas. As they have expertise in this field, they can create a list of the most excellent ones by shortening the options list. Thus, it helps in driving targeted traffic to your website.

User Experience and Convenience: Search engines like Google prioritize all the websites users find helpful. It is often measured by checking attention span and time spent on a particular site. However, it is only possible when you post valuable content on your website and hire a professional SEO assistant from an ecommerce SEO agency. 

These professionals are responsible for making improvements and alterations that allow visitors to navigate smoothly. Some of the enhancements they are involved in making include navigation, cross-device loading checks, and layouts.

Metadata Setup: One can even decide to assign the responsibility of metadata setup to an SEO virtual assistant or SEO services for ecommerce websites. It typically involves setting up the metadata, which forms part of the HTML on pages. So, these assist search engines in comprehending the content of these pages. 

The virtual assistant or ecommerce SEO company you have hired for your requirements will ensure a clean setup of the metadata tags on each page (title, viewport, meta content type, or description). Again, if your website is an old one, i.e., more than 10 to 15 years old, you can ask your VA to assist in clearing up some of the metadata space.

Google Analytics: If you want to track and amass user behavior data or demographics, then all you need is to employ a web analytics tool like Google Analytics. SEO virtual assistants use Google Analytics to set up a business account, collect data, and generate reports, which helps you track your SEO progress easily.

Offsite SEO

Competitor Analysis: One of the most important things to focus on to ensure the success of your ecommerce business involves detailed competitor analysis. In this regard, you can consider hiring a virtual assistant or ecommerce SEO company. These experts can effectively scrutinize the SEO strategies employed by your competitors. 

They even focus on meticulously comparing these with your approaches to detect improvement areas. Although the overall process can be complex and time-intensive, these professionals help in easing out these tasks. Also, the potential benefits that it offers make it worth trying out and help in facilitating the long-term growth of your business.

Guest Posting: If you are looking forward to leveraging the full potential of guest posting, then a virtual assistant or ecommerce SEO company can assist you in the best possible manner. They know what a great link-building strategy exactly is. 

Guest posting typically entails publishing your content on someone else’s blog to receive backlinks, ideally directed to related service pages and blog posts on your website. It helps you gain access to the existing audience of that blog, which increases the exposure of your business. However, it is essential to find a higher authority website for this purpose. A VA can offer related aid by discovering the most popular blogs, initiating contact with owners, etc.

Creation of Infographics: Infographics typically serve as visually engaging and fun images on your websites and blogs that add vibrancy to plain text boxes. Whenever you have a clear content topic in mind, it is suggested to assign that to your virtual assistant SEO services for ecommerce websites to come up with an excellent infographic for the blog posts.

Monitor Backlinks: When it comes to SEO, quality is something that matters more than the quality. It is applicable for backlinks as well. So, it means that instead of focusing on the number of backlinks, your main goal should be the quality of backlinks. Acquiring high-quality backlinks helps you to achieve higher rankings. 

However, if you have an excess of low-quality backlinks on your site, then it can be counterproductive as in that case, Google will associate your website with bad linking schemes or sites. In turn, it can hamper your ranking. The best part about hiring a virtual assistant from an ecommerce SEO company is that they can help keep track of those linking to your website. They will even monitor the quality of the links to make sure that no spam websites attach themselves to your site.

Photo and Video Sharing: It is of utmost importance to incorporate photos and videos into your blog content or social media posts. In this regard, hiring an SEO virtual assistant is a good idea if your SEO specialist is busy devising SEO strategies. 

These professionals can assist in producing and optimizing videos for platforms such as YouTube by crafting titles, designing thumbnails, writing SEO-friendly descriptions, and adding CTAs. They can even help optimize your YouTube channel to improve the outcomes further. This way, they can play a pivotal role in facilitating the growth of your social channels by utilizing custom videos and images.

Wrapping Up

All in all, an SEO virtual assistant plays a crucial role in handling complex and time-consuming tasks that help your business gain a strategic edge. They also help in strengthening your position in the digital landscape. Many of the virtual assistants are also involved in offering DotDigital automation solutions for your business requirements.

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