Jan 12, 2024

Adobe Commerce, or Magento, has proved itself to be one of the most profound eCommerce platforms. Over time, the platform has introduced new features to enhance the functionalities of Adobe Commerce store owners. But with new features being introduced, the Magento store management efforts must also be high. 

With the increased functionalities, it might be difficult for you to look after all the features and operational aspects of your Magento store. Therefore, hiring professional Adobe Commerce store management services is quite important. Upon that, you will be provided with virtual assistants to look after executing and managing the Adobe Commerce platform features. 

The latest feature inclusion to the platform is empowering retailers to scale their eCommerce brand. Every feature and functionality of the Magento platform will let you manage your store more feasibly. Moreover, if you want to streamline most of your operational processes, you can delegate your eCommerce tasks to VAs. 

You just have to look for dedicated virtual assistants offering you Magento product store management services across all domains! To give you a better perspective, this article will enlighten you on some of the Magento store management features that your professional VAs will leverage to provide you seamless operational assistance. 

What are the 10 Adobe Commerce or Magento Store Management Features?

As you know, Adobe Commerce is perfectly equipped to help you master the eCommerce domain and reach out to diverse clients or customers. From seeking customer experience optimization to building an easy vendor management system, Adobe Commerce store management services can leverage the built-in functions to help you streamline your business. 

To help you understand this better, here are the 10 Magento store management features that will help VAs streamline the store operations for you:

1. Implementing Customer Segmentation

When on Magento, the store management virtual assistant will have the capability of segmenting your customers with respect to age, location, gender and prior shopping behavior. And such segmentation ability is accessible from Magento’s admin panel. 

With this service feature, it becomes easy for your store to create custom promotional offers for either new or returning customers. Segmenting the customers is an efficient Magento store management strategy, which leads your business to acquire more sales and revenue. 

2. Leverage the Flexible Product Catalogs

For the virtual assistants who are offering you Magento product store management services, the major focus area will always be the product pages. As your store can have more than hundreds or thousands of products, it is important to provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers. 

For that, your Adobe Commerce store management virtual assistant will use the product cataloging features to facilitate the sorting of all your store products. It is to provide your customers with the feasibility of easily comparing your products with one another. 

Not only that, but your Magento product store management services can also leverage the support for customer personalization, inventory management, introducing downloadable products, and others. Upon your consent, your store management virtual assistant can also set varying price points for diverse customer groups. 

3. Enable Multiple Payment Processing Feasibility

When you take up Magento product store management services and get your VA assigned for the job, you can seek their help to add dedicated extensions to enhance the store features. In terms of multiple payment processing aspects, you can enable one-page checkout, guest checkout, multi-currency payment gateways, and much more. 

Thus, payment flexibility is assured for all your customers, which will eventually boost your store management and growth aspects. Moreover, as the SSL security will be ensured for your Magento store, all the payment details of customers will be kept safe on the server. The VAs will recommend and integrate the right payment extensions to enhance your user experience quotient. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

Upon seeking Adobe Commerce store management services, you won’t have to worry about SEO proficiency anymore. It is because, among the various store management features of Magento, there are SEO-friendly inclusions as well for the VAs to leverage and make your store stand out in the crowd. 

When you hire Adobe Commerce store management service, it is the job of your VA to use SEO-friendly URLs, custom meta tags, alt descriptions for images, custom keywords, and titles for almost every product or category listed on your Magento store. Apart from that, Magento also offers site maps as an integral SEO feature, which is compatible with Google site maps. 

5. Mobile Commerce and Customer Loyalty Features

Upon seeking Adobe Commerce store management services, you are also open to adopting optimized storefronts. Upon doing that, you will be open to various features such as user-friendly search, media capabilities, image scaling, clutter-free product pages, cross-selling & up-selling, and others. 

With the professionals invoking mobile commerce features for your Magento store, the customers will attain a brilliant experience. They will be able to drag & drop products into the shopping cart, making it easy for them to purchase from your store. There’s a customer loyalty feature over Magento as well, when invoked, will allow the customers to add their favorite products to a wishlist. 

The VAs assigned to the marketing role can also add extensions for enabling guest wishlist services over the store. This way, your customers won’t have to register their accounts on your store to create a wishlist. Thus, it will promote a better user experience! 

6. Invoke Easy Integrations

One of the most noteworthy features for accessing, which you might need to hire Adobe Commerce store management service, is invoking integrations to the store. Your VAs will be able to integrate your Magento store with that of the CRMs and other such customer experience tools. And that’s possible with the use of APIs and extensions. 

As Magento is an open-source platform, it will allow fast and easy integration of all the tools and CRMs. This will help you optimize your business processes and reduce the overall workload. When you hire Adobe Commerce store management service, you can take the recommendation of your VAs on what tools or solutions you must integrate. 

Moreover, VAs are also professionals who will help you create custom extensions or add-ons specific to your business requirements. 

7. Product Recommendations

Whether you seek Magento, BigCommerce, or Shopify product store management services, there is a provision for you to implement product recommendations over your dedicated ages. It means your VAs will be analyzing the customer data and insights to provide them with relevant product recommendations. 

This way, there will be a higher chance for you to record high average order value and enhanced sales. For you to know, brands like Amazon are generating around 70% of their entire revenue using this feature. So, when you hire potential VAs for your Magento store, they will help you invoke the product recommendation feature for your dedicated pages. 

8. Progressive Web App (PWA) Integration

When you hire product store management VAs for your Magento store, you will be able to integrate PWAs to enhance a great user experience. With the integration of PWAs, your Magento store will be able to deliver a great browser experience over mobile devices, replicating the in-app UI. 

This way, the technology will help the merchants deliver superior mobile experiences for boosting engagement and conversion rates. Thus, the development and operating costs will be reduced! Magento has its own PWA studio, where your store management VAs will be provided with diverse tools for creating online stores with in-app experiences. Thus, you will acquire more mobile conversions easily. 

9. Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)

If your Magento store witnesses rapid growth, you will need immense tools that can evolve with the same. The MSI tends to allow retailers to improve operational efficiency with seamless inventory management across diverse locations, all from the centralized admin panel. 

The Magento product store management VAs you hire will leverage the benefits of MSI, as they will implement the priority algorithm and enable third-party support. Moreover, the VAs will also be introducing custom algorithms to support various cost-effective shipments. You will be provided with various tools that will allow the companies to integrate with several third-party inventory solutions and track real-time order fulfillment. 

10. Management of Product Returns

Magento indeed comes with a return management system for owners to gain complete control of the entire process. But, with all the core business operations with respect to store expansion being dealt with, managing returns by sparing in-house employees or freeing yourself might not be possible. 

Therefore, you can hire VAs to help handle the return management system of Magento and look out for attending to all the requests. Starting from specifying the items eligible for return to determining the shipping methods, they will assist you with all. 

Parting Words

With this, you now have insight into 10 crucial features specific to Magento store management. Irrespective of whether you are starting a new Magento store or are running an established one, hiring virtual assistants for the job will help you manage operations feasibly. The VAs will guide you to scale your customers’ experiences in your store while helping you boost your store’s performance, sales rate, and revenue. 

Look out for the best store management experts for you to leverage the full potential of Magento for running a successful online business.

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