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How to Create LinkedIn Video Ads Campaign on LinkedIn

May 17, 2023

LinkedIn has become an increasingly popular platform for video content, offering businesses an excellent opportunity to engage their target audience through LinkedIn Video Ads. Video ads on LinkedIn allow you to deliver compelling visual content to professionals and decision-makers, helping you showcase your brand, products, or services effectively. To create a LinkedIn Video Ads campaign, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager: Go to and sign in to your LinkedIn advertising account.
  • Access the LinkedIn Campaign Manager: Click on the “Work” icon in the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage and select “Advertise” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  • Create a new campaign: In the Campaign Manager, click on the “Create Campaign” button to start creating a new campaign.
  • Select the campaign objective: Choose the objective that aligns with your marketing goals. For Video Ads campaigns, common objectives include brand awareness, engagement, or lead generation.
  • Choose the ad format: Select the “Video Ads” format for your campaign.
  • Set up your campaign details:
  1. Campaign name: Provide a name for your campaign to easily identify it.
  2. Language and location: Specify the language and geographical location(s) you want to target with your ads.
  3. Audience targeting: Define the characteristics of your target audience, such as job titles, industries, company size, or interests. You can also use saved audiences or create a new audience based on your targeting criteria.
  4. Budget and schedule: Set your daily or total campaign budget, as well as the start and end dates of your campaign.
  • Upload your video:
  1. Video file: Prepare your video ad in the recommended specifications provided by LinkedIn. The supported file formats are MP4 or MOV.
  2. Video thumbnail: Choose a visually appealing thumbnail image that represents your video and captures attention.
  3. Video title and description: Write a catchy title and a compelling description that entices viewers to watch your video.
  • Set up tracking and conversion tracking:
  1. Add a call-to-action (CTA): Choose a CTA button that aligns with your campaign goals, such as “Watch Now,” “Learn More,” or “Sign Up.”
  2. Conversion tracking (optional): If you want to track conversions from your video ad, set up conversion tracking by adding LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website. This allows you to measure the impact of your campaign and optimize for better results.
  • Review and launch your campaign: Before launching your campaign, review all the details to ensure accuracy. Check your targeting settings, ad content, budget, and schedule. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Launch Campaign” button to submit your campaign for review.
  • Ad review and approval: After submitting your campaign, LinkedIn will review it to ensure it complies with their advertising policies. This review process typically takes a few business days. You’ll receive an email notification once your campaign is approved, and your Video Ads will start appearing on LinkedIn.
  • Monitor and optimize your campaign: Once your campaign is live, monitor its performance in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Keep an eye on key metrics such as impressions, views, engagement rate, and conversions. Make any necessary optimizations to improve the performance and achieve your campaign goals.

Creating a successful LinkedIn Video Ads campaign requires thoughtful planning, captivating video content, and ongoing optimization. By leveraging the power of video, you can effectively communicate your brand message, engage your target audience, and achieve your advertising goals on the LinkedIn platform. Regularly analyze the data, test different video content, and make adjustments as needed to maximize the effectiveness of your Video Ads campaign on LinkedIn.


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