BlogGPT 3 Chatbot: The AI System Taking Over the World

GPT 3 Chatbot: The AI System Taking Over the World

Feb 13, 2023
GPT 3 Chatbot: The AI System Taking Over the World

Remember the times when people wished there was an automated system to do everything? The time when the world shall be governed by AI is close. After all who loves to go the extra mile when there’s already a system that can take care of everything?

eComVA, one of the topmost Virtual assistant companies in the USA, tries to decode and give you an insight into the trends that are taking over. We provide Virtual Assistant services that help you scale your business and generate maximum revenue. GPT 3 Chatbot has been in the talks for a while and if you think, it’s just another trend that’s going to die out soon, you are missing some very crucial information.

To put it in simpler words GPT 3 Chatbot is described as a state-of-art language processing AI model, meaning that the program is able to understand human language just as spoken colloquially. It can help humans increase efficiency and can write and generate answers in an advanced way or to mention in a very human-like way. 

The chatbot market is expected to increase by approximately $994 million in 2023. This enormous increase suggests a gain of about $200 million per year. This amount is currently growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 22%, and it is expected to reach $3 billion by the end of this decade

The year 2023 will be competitive enough to compel business owners to adopt more than just a text Chatbot. As per the statistics, voice chatbots have increased their popularity since 2022. The use of voice chatbots is anticipated to rise by over 8 billion in the year 2023. Our team of Proficient virtual assistants at eComVA, one of the best Virtual Assistant Companies in USA provides immaculate Virtual Assistant Services that help businesses scale. 

So what is GPT 3? Does it really work? Is it really going to replace the Human workforce?

What is GPT 3 Chatbot? How does it work?

GPT-3 chatbots are programmable artificial intelligence programs that are supported by the GPT-3 language model and built on OpenAPI’s development work. The trained language processing software that runs these bots, also known as “Generative Pretrained Transformer 3,” contains more than 175 billion machine learning parameters. The parameters assist the GPT-3 bot in analyzing communication input (such as a request for customer service) and producing the correct response.

GPT-3 bot messaging services respond to a client query in a way that is genuinely helpful compared to other simpler chatbots. Thanks to its user-friendly application programming interface. The provider often configures the chatbot to serve a specific function (such as customer service), while the end-user assists with the fine-tuning necessary for their particular application or business needs.

ChatGPT uses a neural network architecture known as “transformers,” which is designed specifically for processing natural language. Additionally, the model uses a method called “masked language modeling” which forecasts the next word in a sequence based on the preceding terms, resulting in the model providing precise and more human-like answers.

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can respond to questions and commands that are similar to those of a human. It does this by utilizing artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning algorithms, which enable it to process and comprehend information in plain and simple language. 

How to use GPT 3 Chatbot?

We decided to let GPT 3 Chatbot answer for itself, and here’s what it says:

“To use GPT-3 as a chatbot, you can integrate it into your application using the OpenAI API. Here are the basic steps:

  • Sign up for an OpenAI API key from the OpenAI website.
  • Choose the GPT-3 model you want to use and make a request to the API to generate text.
  • Provide the API with the prompt text and any other parameters, such as the maximum response length or the desired completions.
  • The API will return the generated text, which you can then display in your application.
  • You can also use ready-made GPT-3 chatbot frameworks and tools, such as BotStar or Dialogflow, to get started more quickly. These tools provide a user-friendly interface for integrating GPT-3 into your chatbot.”

GPT-3 Chatbot when asked, answers exactly like a human-typed and well-researched answer, but will it continue for the long term? Isn’t there a possibility of people finding repetitive and similar content everywhere? Let’s first find out some Pros and Cons of GPT-# Chatbot

Pros and Cons of GPT 3 Chatbot

Every coin has two sides and so is the case for GPT 3 Chatbot, It has multiple benefits but there is a side to it that involves certain cons, let’s take a look at both of them.


  • One of the most important and obvious advantages of GPT 3 Chatbot is that it’s faster in generating any amount of content and can easily take over the speed of a human, making text generation easier and more efficient in all manners.
  • ChatGPT assists clients with faster replies and quick solutions. Improved consumer experience, because yes! a consumer benefits from speedy service, also resulting in shorter wait time.
  • The improved speed of questions being answered by chatGPT has seen a higher rate of Client Satisfaction. It is helping businesses emerge with faster ways to provide solutions to their client base.
  • It is impressive not only for its many applications but also for showcasing the power of AI and providing a sneak peek at potential future uses.


  • It is a specific kind of program designed to respond to database queries. ChatGPT doesn’t answer if a user enters a query that it doesn’t already have in its database. These questions could cause this tool to become confused, which would cause it to loop. The bot will make an effort to comprehend your query in order to reply to it.
  • The price of ChatGPT reflects both the size and language options that are available. It is important to realize that a ChatGPT with better functionality and design will also cost more money. As a result, it’ll require enterprises to invest more in the tool, increasing investment costs in the future.
  • The key problem with GPT-3 is its inability to learn continuously. It does not have an ongoing long-term memory that gains knowledge from every interaction because it has been pre-trained with all the information and data.
  • GPT-3 can become complex for future uses because it has the same problem as all neural networks in that it is unable to analyze and explain why certain inputs lead to certain outputs.

What does the Future look like with GPT 3?

Many people believe that as AI becomes more prevalent, human professions will become obsolete due to the revolutionary nature of technology. Although it’s possible that GPT 3 chatbots could reduce human opportunities, they won’t be able to replace the necessity for human labor in the workforce.

There is a chance that AI will go wrong and result in loss, so it is only fair to weigh all sides of this. AI is not a legal person in and of itself, hence it cannot be held responsible for losses incurred. However, those who experience losses will seek compensation from someone. Complex factual and legal questions, such as what went wrong and who did (or did not do what), will need to be answered in order to determine who is responsible when AI goes wrong. This will be information specific to the AI, who utilized it, and how. In order to determine who is responsible for the AI’s failure and to try to make it function, human efforts will be needed all the way more. It’s still one of those times when you need your smart senses on to use an AI or it can cause troubles that can be irrevocable.

Final Thought

GPT 3 Chatbot can result to be helpful in many use cases, but there still are things that need to be kept in mind while using it. Yes, it can understand and provide human-like answers but can it be used for the long term? Is it a future-proof tool that enterprises can rely on? 

The GPT 3 chatbot may be receiving immense attention and be quite eye-opening, but the future is uncertain. While AI chatbots are accomplishing more than is required for organizations and sectors, the trained entities still need more accuracy and inventiveness. No matter how effectively you teach the chatbots, you will eventually risk losing their opinionated contributions when you incorporate them into your everyday tasks. Business Managers, Social Media Managers, and Content Marketers can undoubtedly take an advantage of GPT 3 Chatbot up to a certain point, but it might not prove fruitful in the long term, because GPT 3 Chatbot cannot understand and comprehend Human Behaviours. It does not hold any idea about your target audience or your customer market which can lead to false marketing strategies being suggested by AI. Above everything, It’s not possible to train AI for critical thinking. Human efforts are all about empathizing with the pain point of your customers and wiping out misleading information.

Just like any other tool GPT 3 has its own perks, You just need to choose the places it can be best applicable, The tool can, after all, increase human efficiency and help you have an improved quality of work. eComVA one of the leading Virtual Assistant companies in the USA provides deep insights and industry knowledge about the trends and the advancements taking over in technology. Get in touch with us to stay updated with the latest trends in the Tech World.

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