BlogWhat are the Key Tasks to Assign to Your Amazon Virtual Assistant?

What are the Key Tasks to Assign to Your Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Dec 31, 2023
What are the Key Tasks to Assign to Your Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Are you planning to hire an Amazon virtual assistant for your unique business requirements? An expert Amazon virtual assistant offers best-in-class Amazon virtual assistant services for your business. 

Now, you may be confused about what tasks to delegate to them. We will try to address all your related queries through this comprehensive blog post. By reading this guide, you will get a clear understanding of the specific tasks that you can assign to a virtual assistant. So, let’s find out: 

Key Tasks for Your Amazon Virtual Assistant

An expert Amazon virtual assistant is dedicated to performing many different business activities that can be helpful for business owners. Whenever you plan to hire Amazon virtual assistants, they can contribute to the overall success of your business. 

Below, we will list the tasks and activities that Amazon business owners can focus on delegating to virtual assistants. So, let’s find out: 

Setting up Your Amazon Store

If you are looking forward to launching your business on the Amazon platform, then all you need is to set up your Amazon store. To get related assistance, you can choose Amazon virtual assistant services. 

An expert Amazon virtual assistant is known for possessing the right skills and expertise to assist you in setting up your ecommerce store. Whether it is an Amazon FBA, vendor, brand registry, or seller central account setup, an Amazon remote assistant can swiftly help you navigate the process. 

Product Sourcing

Once you have set up your Amazon store, you will need to collect data. You can hire an Amazon virtual assistant for this. These professionals can help you source private-label products for your Amazon store. They also offer assistance in collecting data so that you can make a well-informed product selection.

Product Listing

After that, you may need assistance related to the listing of products. An Amazon virtual assistant can also help you in this regard with their best skills and expertise as they offer product data entry services.

Along with listing, they again assist in advertising products. Listing multiple products is considered tedious, so delegating this task to an expert is always a good idea. It also allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business, ultimately leading to your business growth.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Another essential thing to do involves optimizing the product listing. Amazon listing optimization service typically involves optimizing the product listing, which helps improve the ranking of products and boost sales. 

If you need any help related to optimizing your Amazon product listing, you can consider choosing Amazon virtual assistant services or hiring a virtual assistant who has the right skills to carry out this task for you.

Market Research

To ensure higher conversion rates and facilitate better product reach, it becomes essential for you to comprehend the unique requirements of your customers. It is possible by doing thorough market research. 

An Amazon virtual assistant is dedicated to performing comprehensive market research to obtain details about the products sold by the competitors. It allows them to uncover details about their strengths and weaknesses, their reputation in the market, and a lot more. You can use these insights to boost your Amazon product listing and create a better results campaign.

Customer Support

If you want to offer exceptional customer support without onboarding a full-time employee, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant is a good idea. These experts will effectively handle the customers for you. 

However, you should essentially make sure to hire an expert VA for the management of your customer support. It is because poor customer experience may lead to negative feedback and a considerable drop in your sales.

Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is considered one of the most important parts of managing an ecommerce store. It ensures that the products you sell are always available and the logistics procedure runs uninterrupted. 

You can ensure this task is performed efficiently when hiring an expert Amazon VA. This is especially true because they possess the proper skill set and experience for managing the inventory.

Reviews Management

Every ecommerce business owner should focus on collecting product reviews as these play a crucial role in improving their rankings and boosting sales. Reviews also help gain customers’ trust by providing prospective customers with the correct information. 

An expert Amazon virtual assistant can also assist in product review management by encouraging customers to offer feedback. Also, they will suggest you swiftly respond to both positive and negative reviews, which will increase the trustworthiness of your brand.

Order Processing

It can be overwhelming to track and process new orders, especially when you have multiple products added to your ecommerce store. Also, it may take a considerable amount of your time to process orders. So, one of the best ways to solve this issue is by hiring an Amazon virtual assistant who can instantly track and process all the orders.

Addressing Customer’s Questions

If you are running an ecommerce business, then it becomes imperative for you to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. So, you, as a seller, should always immediately respond to queries made by the customers. 

However, it may not be possible for you to do this every time as you may be busy with other business activities. In this case, opting for the assistance of an Amazon virtual assistant is a good idea. They can help you professionally by offering quick and satisfactory answers to customer queries.

Managing Discounts and Offers on Products

You may look for ways to draw more prospective customers to your product page and boost product sales. It is possible whenever you focus on hiring an Amazon virtual assistant. They are skilled and have a lot of experience in handling Amazon businesses. So they know how and when to craft a discount strategy. They also know the best ways to promote your business effectively. 

If you are running a Walmart store, you can contact a virtual assistant offering Walmart automation services. 

Fulfill FBM Orders

If you need assistance in fulfilling FBM orders, then it is suggested that you rely on a professional Amazon virtual assistant. They are dedicated to managing different aspects, from entry and shipping to invoicing of orders received by your store. Additionally, they can handle all the procedures related to fulfilling Amazon orders.

Return and Refund

You can even delegate the task of handling your store’s return and refund processes to an expert Amazon virtual assistant. These professionals offer return and refund services to your customers, which will help improve customer satisfaction.

Keyword Research

While listing products in your store, it becomes crucial for you to incorporate pertinent keywords on your product listing page. So, it is vital to carry out effective keyword research. A virtual assistant with the right skills can perform comprehensive keyword research using the right tools. Not only that, but they provide competitive keywords that help the product pages attain higher ranking in search results.

Establishing Ad Campaign

It can be difficult to create a sponsored ad if you are doing it for the first time. To help you in this aspect, you can hire Amazon virtual assistant. They can help in setting up an ad campaign for your business.

Email Marketing

An expert Amazon virtual assistant can help you develop a compelling email marketing message that engages the customers. They know how to craft attractive subject lines to boost the CTR or click-through rate. Also, they can help in sending newsletter campaigns to your customers on a regular basis.

Analyzing Ad Campaigns

You will get a comprehensive report for every ad campaign you run on Amazon. For a detailed analysis of these details, you will need an experienced VA. Along with evaluating these details, they are also focused on modifying your next campaign to make it more effective.

Discovering Negative Keywords

Incorporating negative search terms is always a good idea as this way; you do not have to pay for any wrong keywords in your ad campaign. If you want to find negative words to exclude from your campaign, a virtual assistant can offer you the best assistance. They possess experience in creating ad campaigns that best meet your business objectives.

Email Support

Offering multi-channel support will lead to more satisfied customers. You can choose a professional virtual assistant to handle email support services, which helps make this process smoother. Not only that, but it also facilitates boosting customer satisfaction. Some of the virtual assistants are often involved in offering Walmart automation, Klaviyo email marketing, or Shopify product data entry services. 

Chat Support

Whenever you leverage chat support, it allows your business to provide prompt assistance to customers, primarily through real-time chat interactions. You should consider enlisting the services of an Amazon virtual assistant for handling chat support and ensuring prompt customer responsiveness.


If you plan to target the market in a new country, a virtual assistant can offer you related aid. They can assist in managing translation activities and creating product listings for global accounts. A virtual assistant can coordinate with designers and translators to craft compelling product content and digital assets that cater to the requirements of the new target market.

Wrapping Up

So, a skilled and expert Amazon virtual assistant can successfully handle all the above-discussed tasks for your business requirements. They can aid both medium and small-sized businesses that can only afford to hire part-time employees. 

For more details on this, you can reach out to an agency from where you can hire these professionals. Many of them are even involved in offering Klaviyo email marketing and Shopify product data entry services as per your needs.

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