BlogAmazon Virtual Assistants: Agency vs. Freelancer vs. In-House

Amazon Virtual Assistants: Agency vs. Freelancer vs. In-House

May 27, 2024
Amazon Virtual Assistants: Agency vs. Freelancer vs. In-House

Given the nature of e-commerce, especially on an Amazon platform, efficient daily operations are critical for achieving business success. It is very hard for sellers to have precise control over different activities like inventory and customer service. Many sellers opt to use Amazon virtual assistants as their operations are conducted virtually to concentrate on more growth.

Therefore, the type of VA used, whether an agency, freelancer, or in-house, can dramatically affect the performance of a business.

This article provides information about the benefits you gain by hiring Amazon VA services from agencies, hiring them as freelancers, or hiring them as Virtual assistants to help you better understand your options. 

Who are Amazon Virtual Assistants?

Amazon virtual assistants are highly skilled and specialized in offering support to Amazon sellers and any other business managing their operations through the Amazon platform.

They handle a range of tasks including product listing optimization, Amazon SEO, inventory management, customer service, order processing, and managing returns and refunds. Their responsibilities ensure smooth operations and enhance the customer experience.

These Amazon FBA virtual assistants are experienced in using the Amazon Seller Central interface and techniques to increase the visibility and sales of products in the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon virtual assistants relieve sellers from routine tasks leaving them time for strategic business development and core operations. In most cases, these assistants work from distant locations and provide services as per the requirements of the Amazon business. 

Who are Amazon freelancers?

Amazon freelancers are contractor workers who offer their services concerning selling and marketing on Amazon.

Some of the services offered include product optimization, keyword research, Amazon SEO, and the creation of product images and descriptions.

They operate remotely as consultants, guiding Amazon sellers on how to optimize their product placement, boost their rates of sale, and manage their websites.

Amazon VA services are paid on a per-project and/or contract basis thus offering more flexibility and specific expertise to companies that want to improve their Amazon market performance. 

What are Amazon VA agencies?

Amazon VA agencies refer to businesses that focus on assisting Amazon sellers by performing tasks such as product sourcing, listing enhancements, inventory handling, customer communication, marketing, and account management. 

These agencies assist sellers in streamlining their operations and leave them to concentrate on critical development. 

The advantages of Amazon VA services are that the process is expert-driven, saves time, is highly scalable, and is efficient in terms of costs. 

When selecting the most suitable agency, it is relevant to consider its reputation, portfolio, communication, rates, and trial periods. 

Hiring an Amazon VA agency, therefore, can improve the efficiency of your business, and productivity, and assist with the numerous challenges encountered when selling on Amazon.

What are the differences between virtual assistants and freelancers and agencies?

Virtual Assistants (VAs)


  • People who work independently as administrators, technicians, or artists via the Internet.


  • Typically, they are centered on certain activities, for instance, email, time management, customer relations, and social media posts.


  • Generally, they are procured for repetitive or long-term activities and assignments. The specified job can be both part-time and full-time.


  • Often, they are cheaper than agencies but may be more costly than hiring a freelancer for a particular project.


  • In general, they should develop long-term relations with their clients and function as if they are an extension of the client’s company.



  • Independent consultants who provide a variety of services, including graphic design, writing, software development, and marketing, among others.


  • Can provide skills specific to a certain field or can provide general services based on a provider’s specialization.


  • They work under contract and frequent contract terms include project-based contracts. Engagements can be of short or long duration, however engagements usually depend on the project requirements.


  • Hiring prices depend on experience, specialization, and the level of difficulty in the particular project. May be cheaper compared to other methods depending on the task at hand.


  • Often situation-specific and based on a particular project; once a project is finished, contact may cease unless there is a need for further work.



  • Firms or enterprises that offer a network of workers capable of delivering diverse services.


  • Provide a full range of services in diverse specializations including marketing, web design, business management, and others.


  • Engaged for bigger and more complicated assignments or long-term generalized services. Can handle end-to-end processes.



Often ongoing, offering consistent aid and considering a variety of important tactics. They provide scalability and can undertake several projects at a go.

What are the factors that need to be considered before hiring a virtual assistant a freelancer or an agency?

Scope of Work

Understand the particular issues or work that requires assistance. If you need a very specific kind of service such as graphic design, web development, content writing, or Amazon PPC management, then a freelancer would be better suited for you. For the usual office jobs like management of emails, scheduling, researching Amazon SEO, etc, a virtual assistant may be ideal. 

Frequency and Duration

Consider whether the responsibilities are short-term or long-term. Freelancers are usually contracted for short-term projects, while virtual assistants work according to a continued schedule for e-commerce store management

Skill Set

Determine the skill set needed to successfully perform the tasks at hand. The difference between a freelancer and an Amazon FBA virtual assistant is that the former will be an expert in a niche field whereas the latter an all-around administrative staff. Select the desired choice depending on your requirements. 


Hire an Amazon expert after determining the budget and how much it would cost to hire a freelancer rather than a virtual assistant. For instance, freelancers can opt to charge per project or hour, while VAs may function using defined packages or monthly retainers. Make comparisons on price points to see which option can accommodate your budget better. 

Communication and Collaboration

Determine the amount of communication and cooperation necessary for your project or tasks. Freelancers may simply send in their work or work entirely on their own without much communication, whereas Amazon VA agency needs to be in touch more frequently during the day to complete their jobs efficiently. 

Availability and Flexibility

Before you hire an Amazon expert, think about the freelancer or virtual assistant and the means to and flexibility of the individual. Freelancers may not always be available due to their busy schedules and other work, whereas virtual assistants can be more flexible with responding to your queries. 

Reviews and References

Check the freelancer or virtual assistant’s portfolio, reviews, and references to determine their level of reliability, professional competence, and performance. Select a professional who can assist automated Amazon seller support has a reputation for producing great work and can meet deadlines.

Long-Term Relationship

It is important to establish if you want a temporary relationship or an ongoing project with the Amazon seller assistant. The relationship between a client and a virtual assistant will grow over time in terms of efficiency, trust, or even more cooperation.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant a freelancer or an agency?

Cost Savings

Both freelancers and VAs can be cheaper than hiring full-time employees. There is no need for expenditure on benefits, office space, and equipment. 

Access to Specialized Skills

Freelance Amazon virtual assistants and VAs also focus on certain niches such as digital marketing, content creation, customer support, and administrative services. 


Amazon VA agency employees can then work as freelancers and businesses can decide to employ more or less of them depending on the projects that they have at hand. 

Increased Productivity

Businesses can outsource simple or time-consuming operations to freelancers or VAs to increase their productivity on core and strategic business processes by using Amazon virtual assistant tools

Global Talent Pool

Hire an Amazon expert from a vast pool of professionals from any part of the globe to suit your project or business objectives. 

Quick Onboarding

Freelancers and VAs are flexible like AI assistants for e-commerce as they can start work immediately and do not need much training since they are highly experienced and knowledgeable. 

Reduced Overhead

Reduced costs of operation since freelancers and VAs do not conduct business from an office set-up and related expenses. 

Project-Based Engagement

Perfect for projects requiring short-term employment as you can hire only for specific tasks and avoid making long-term commitments. 

Improved Work-Life Balance

Employing freelance Amazon virtual assistants or VAs reduces pressure and enhances work-life balance.

Innovation and Fresh Perspectives

People who seek jobs as freelancers and from Amazon VA agency may have different experiences and offer new ways to solve the issues in your business. 

Focus on Core Competencies

Benefits of in-house Amazon assistant include outsourcing non-core tasks to the freelancers and VAs will help the team concentrate on essential processes that are important for the business and true growth. 

Efficiency and Speed

Best Amazon virtual assistants are professionals and VAs who are trained and very efficient in their work.


Choosing the type of best Amazon virtual assistant from an agency, as a freelancer, or as an in-house employee should be based on a business’ needs, its budget, and the overall operational outcomes.

Freelance Amazon virtual assistants offer flexibility of time and niche skills that are useful for specific assignments or tasks in the short term.

The in-house VAs provide focused attention and can better understand the processes of the company they are working for.

Choosing the best option may require more time. However, once you analyze its most advantageous features and risks, you will be able to select the best virtual assistant solution for your Amazon business.

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