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How Many Types of Campaign Available on Instagram Ads

Apr 03, 2023

Instagram ads have the potential to be a very powerful marketing tool for your company. It can help you expand your brand, reach high-value customers at scale, and get data-driven insights. 

Instagram advertising is something you should look into if you have a budget for paid social media. Why?

Instagram advertising reaches 96.6% of the platform’s monthly active users.

We will share insights about the different Instagram ads campaigns available so you can make the right decision.

Types of Instagram ads campaigns

I. Awareness Campaigns

This campaign aims to reach a broad audience and boost brand recognition. It helps increase brand visibility and establish a strong presence within your target market.

Ideal for

  • Launching new products or services with a bang.
  • Introducing your brand to an entirely new market segment.
  • Expanding brand awareness and recognition to solidify your position in the industry.


Brand Awareness:

Maximizing the amount of impressions your advertisement receives within the chosen target audience is the top priority for this subtype. This strategy works well for building excitement for the debut of a new product or developing brand visibility. Consider it a method of getting as many relevant people to notice your brand name as you can.

Best practices

  • Visually Captivating Content: Give priority to sharp photos or captivating videos for advertisements that draw viewers in and stick in their minds. On an app like Instagram, keep in mind that images are king.
  • Broad Targeting: Use demographic targeting options to cast a larger net. To connect with people whose beliefs and lifestyles coincide with your brand identity, take into account factors like age, geography, hobbies, and even psychographic targeting. At this point, you’ll create greater brand recognition and a larger audience.
  • Storytelling Power: Create a compelling brand story that appeals to the people who will be using it. Emphasize your goal, beliefs, and distinctive offering as a brand. Allow the imagery and messaging in your advertisement to tell your brand’s story.

II. Consideration Campaigns

This campaign aims to generate interest and engagement with your product or service, building stronger connections with potential customers.

Ideal for

  • Generating leads and building an audience of potential customers.
  • Driving targeted website traffic to learn more about your offerings.
  • Promoting special offers or events to generate excitement.



Similar to Brand Awareness, Reach focuses on maximizing the number of people who see your ad. 

Best practices

  • Relevance is Key: Make sure that the targeting settings and ad content you choose align with the characteristics of your ideal client. Aim for the right audience rather than merely a big one.
  • Compelling Headlines & Descriptions: Create attention-grabbing headlines and the best Instagram ads content that compel readers to click through. To attract attention, draw attention to a special offer or unique selling point.


  • Drive traffic to your landing page or product page, allowing users to learn more about your offerings.

Best practices

  • Clear CTAs: Include a clear call to action (CTA) in your ad that tells users exactly what you want them to do next, whether it’s “Visit Our Website” or “Learn More.”
  • Landing Page Optimization: Make sure the user experience on your landing page is consistent with the message of your advertisement. Make it simple for consumers to locate the information they need and complete the intended action.

App Installs

  • Persuade users to download your mobile app and explore its functionalities.

Best practices

  • Highlight App Benefits: In the ad creative, highlight your application’s main attributes and advantages. Pay attention to what sets your app apart and adds value for users.
  • Seamless Download Process: Ensure a smooth and hassle-free download experience for users who click on your ad.


  • Increase interaction with your Instagram profile, fostering a sense of community and brand loyalty.

Best practices

  • Interactive Content: Utilize interactive features like polls, quizzes, or questions in your ad copy to encourage user participation.
  • Respond to Comments: Actively respond to comments and messages on your ad to build relationships with potential customers.

Video Views:

  • Maximize views and engagement with your video content, allowing you to showcase your brand story, product demonstrations, or behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Best practices

  • High-Quality Video Content: Invest in creating high-quality videos that are visually appealing and engaging.
  • Compelling Captions: Craft captivating captions that entice users to watch your video and learn more about your brand.

III. Conversion Campaigns

The goal of this campaign is to encourage users to take certain actions that lead to conversions or sales on your website or app. Proper Instagram ads management helps to drive measurable results and generate revenue or leads.

Ideal for:

  • Boosting online sales and revenue.
  • Generating qualified leads and sign-ups for your email list or services.
  • Increasing in-store foot traffic for brick-and-mortar businesses.



  • Drive desired actions on your website, such as online purchases, newsletter sign-ups, event registrations, or e-book downloads.

Best practices

  • Frictionless User Journey: Make sure that the user experience on your website and landing pages is seamless. Make sure there is an easy-to-use interface, simple navigation, and a smooth transition from ad click to conversion.
  • Targeted Audience: Focus your audience targeting on those who are already familiar with your brand, who have indicated through their browsing activity that they intend to buy similar products, or who are in the vicinity of your physical shop (for shop Visits campaigns).
  • Strong CTAs: Create calls to action (CTAs) that are clear, persuasive, and leave no space for uncertainty. “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” and “Download” are examples of action verbs that can be used to guide users toward the intended action.

Shopping Ads

  • Highlight particular items from your shop so that customers can easily browse the product pages and finish their purchases using the Instagram app.

Best practices

  • High-Quality Product Images: Use high-quality pictures that provide a detailed, multi-angle view of what you offer. Add close-ups to emphasize features and textures.
  • Clear Product Information: Provide concise product descriptions highlighting key features and benefits.
  • Shoppable Features: Use Instagram Shopping features to enable users to easily add items to their carts and finish transactions in the app.

Store Visits

  • This objective is beneficial for brick-and-mortar businesses looking to attract in-store customers by promoting special offers or highlighting the in-store experience. 

Best practices

  • Location Targeting: Target users within a specific geographic location of your physical store.
  • Highlight In-Store Benefits: Showcase the unique benefits of shopping in-store, such as personalized service or exclusive product offerings.
  • Store Information: Include your store address, operating hours, and any other relevant information in the ad creative.

You can harness the power of Instagram advertising to generate remarkable results by being aware of the various kinds of Instagram ads campaigns, developing a focused plan based on your objectives, and putting these optimization recommendations into practice. As always, the secret is to know your audience, provide visually striking information, determine the appropriate Instagram ads cost, target the appropriate group, and skillfully lead visitors to the desired action. 

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