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How to create App Installs campaign on Tiktok

May 29, 2023

Actionable ads require detailed targeting and challenges, they are a detailed form of ad targeting marketing To create an App Installs campaign on TikTok, you can follow these general steps. However, please note that the process may have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021, so it’s always best to refer to the official TikTok Ads documentation or website for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions. Here’s a general guide on how to create an App Installs campaign on TikTok:

Sign in to TikTok Ads Manager: Visit the TikTok Ads Manager website at and sign in using your TikTok Ads Manager account credentials.

Create a new campaign: Once you’re logged in, click on the “Create” button to start a new campaign.

Select your campaign objective: Choose “App Installs” as your campaign objective. This objective is specifically designed to drive users to download and install your mobile app directly from the app store.

  • Set your campaign details: Provide a name for your campaign and select the appropriate campaign settings, including your target audience, budget, and schedule.
  • Choose ad placements: TikTok offers various ad placements, such as In-Feed Ads, TopView Ads, Brand Takeover, and Branded Hashtag Challenges. Select the placements that align with your App Installs campaign goals.
  • Create your ad group: Within the campaign, you’ll need to create an ad group. Set the targeting options, such as demographics, interests, and behaviors, to ensure your ads reach the right audience.
  • Create your ad: Customize your ad creative by uploading videos or images that showcase your app and its key features. You can add captions, descriptions, and call-to-action buttons to encourage users to install your app.
  • Add your app store URL: Enter the URL of your app on the respective app store (e.g., Apple App Store or Google Play Store). This allows users to be directed to the correct app store page for downloading and installing your app.
  • Review and launch: Before launching your campaign, review all the settings, targeting, ad creative, and app store URL to ensure they align with your App Installs objectives. Once you’re satisfied, click on the “Launch” or “Submit” button to activate your campaign.
  • Monitor and optimize: Once your App Installs campaign is live, regularly monitor its performance through the TikTok Ads Manager dashboard. Analyze metrics such as installs, cost per install (CPI), and engagement to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. Make any necessary optimizations to improve results.

Remember to stay updated with the latest features and best practices provided by TikTok Ads Manager, as they may offer new targeting options, ad formats, or optimization techniques to enhance your App Installs campaigns on TikTok.


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