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How to setup Facebook shop

Mar 13, 2023

The Facebook shop enables users to sell products and services directly to the customers without leaving the platform. Having a centralized location makes it easier to sell and purchase quality products to boost sales for your business. To set up a Facebook Shop, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Go to your Facebook Page and click on the “Shop” tab on the left-hand menu.
  • If you haven’t already done so, agree to Facebook’s Merchant Terms and Policies.
  • Click on the “Add Product” button and follow the prompts to add your products to your Facebook Shop. You will need to provide information about each product, such as its name, description, price, and image.
  • Once you have added your products, you can organize them into collections to make it easier for people to browse and find what they’re looking for.
  • Customize your Facebook Shop by choosing a cover image, adding a featured collection, and adjusting the layout of your Shop.
  • Set up your Shop settings by choosing your preferred currency, shipping options, and payment methods. You will need to connect your Facebook Shop to a payment processor in order to accept payments.
  • Once you have set up your Facebook Shop, you can promote it by creating Facebook ads or sharing links to your Shop on your Facebook Page or other social media channels.

Note that setting up a Facebook Shop involves more than just following these steps. You will also need to have high-quality product images, clear product descriptions, and an effective pricing and shipping strategy. It’s a good idea to do some research and planning before you start setting up your Facebook Shop to ensure that you get the best possible results. 

With the right strategies, you can increase brand visibility, seamless shopping experience, ease of management, and leverage the right tools to generate profit.


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