WikiHow to Setup Conversion on Google Ad Words

How to Setup Conversion on Google Ad Words

Feb 22, 2023

With the help of Google AdWords, you can track your lead generation and conversions. To calculate your return on investment (ROI) and ensure the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns, conversion monitoring must be set up. Making a conversion action and adding the conversion tracking tag to your website are the two steps required to set up conversion tracking in Google AdWords. To set up conversions on Google Ads, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Google Ads account and click on the “Tools & Settings” menu, then select “Conversions.”
  • Click on the blue “+” button to create a new conversion action.
  • Choose the type of conversion you want to track, such as website purchases, form submissions, or phone calls.
  • Enter the name of your conversion action and choose a category that best describes your business.
  • Choose how you want to track conversions. You can track conversions based on website activity, phone calls, or imported data from another system.
  • Set up conversion tracking by adding a tracking code to your website or phone number.
  • Set a conversion value if you want to assign a monetary value to your conversions.
  • Review your settings and click “Create and Continue” to finish setting up your conversion action.
  • Once your conversion action is set up, you can track your conversion data and use it to optimize your ad campaigns for better performance.


By setting up conversion tracking, you can measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and optimize them for better results. It’s important to carefully choose the types of conversions you want to track and ensure that your tracking code is properly installed on your website or phone system. This will ensure that you are accurately tracking your conversions and using data to make informed decisions about your ad campaigns.


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