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How to setup Pixel code

Mar 13, 2023

The main goal of setting the pixel code is to track the user behavior and actions on the website. Owners can easily view the clicks and actions on the ads to optimize them for better conversion. Here are the steps to set up a Facebook pixel code on your website:

  • Go to your Facebook Ads Manager account and click on the “Events Manager” tab.
  • Click on the “Connect Data Sources” button and select “Web.”
  • Select “Facebook Pixel” and click “Connect.”
  • Choose the option to “Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself.”
  • Select the pixel you want to install, then copy the pixel code.
  • Paste the pixel code into the header section of your website, between the <head> and </head> tags.
  • Save your changes and publish your website.
  • Return to the Facebook Events Manager and click “Continue” to verify that the pixel is installed correctly.

Once you’ve installed the pixel code on your website, you can track the actions that people take on your website and use that data to create more targeted Facebook ads. You can also set up custom conversion events to track specific actions, such as purchases or lead form submissions. Setting the pixel code will add value to your advertising campaigns and provide valuable insights to personalize for targeted audiences.


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