BlogTop Tools and Apps for Simplifying Bigcommerce Store Management in 2024

Top Tools and Apps for Simplifying Bigcommerce Store Management in 2024

May 30, 2024
Top Tools and Apps for Simplifying Bigcommerce Store Management in 2024

In the context of constant development in the field of eCommerce, there is nothing as crucial as effective store management in terms of achieving the desired results.

As we progress through 2024, BigCommerce store merchants remain in search of strategies to improve efficiency, advance the customer experience, and increase sales.

Fortunately, with BigCommerce store management services, an abundance of tools and applications that help to manage BigCommerce stores are available today, covering all aspects starting with inventory management and ending with marketing automation.

In this article, we will try to list some of the most promising tools and apps that will change the BigCommerce merchants’ experience in 2024. 

What are BigCommerce apps?

BigCommerce apps are third-party add-ons and tools that include further features to the BigCommerce store. These apps aim to improve different aspects of your eCommerce business such as marketing and promotion, sales, customer support, and store administration. 

Here are some examples of BigCommerce apps:

Email Marketing Apps

Tools like Klaviyo and Mailchimp can be connected to BigCommerce wherein you can activate email marketing, newsletters, and customer segmentation.

SEO and Marketing Apps

Applications like SEMrush and Yoast SEO under  BigCommerce store management services offer SEO options to increase the store’s ranking and subsequently drive more traffic to the site. 

Shipping and Fulfillment Apps

There is BigCommerce automation with AI platforms such as ShipStation and Easyship that can easily connect with many carriers and use them to offer the shipping rate, generate the shipping labels, and track the orders. 

Customer Service and Support Apps

Zendesk and LiveChat are some of the customer support applications that provide tools such as live chat software, helpdesk ticketing, and a knowledge base for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Analytics and Reporting Apps

BigCommerce store services like Google Analytics and Lucky Orange offer enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor your store, sales, and customer behavior.

Loyalty and Rewards Apps

Apps like smile. Loyalty benefits and LoyaltyLion allow you to design and implement loyalty programs, reward points, and the tempting offer of referral bonuses to enhance customer retention and frequent purchases. 

Productivity and Automation Apps

Pre-built BigCommerce store management services apps such as Zapier and Trello enable workflow automation, data syncing between platforms, and efficient business operations. 

Social Media and Marketing Apps

You can use such applications as Buffer, and Outfy to schedule social media updates, monitor social media interactions, and generally be more on top of your social media. 

Accounting and Finance Apps

Accounting software, including QuickBooks Online and Xero, integrates with BigCommerce to assist in accounting processes, invoicing, and expenses, and overall BigCommerce product data entry services. 

Inventory Management Apps

Some of these include TradeGecko and SkuVault, which offer stock-level tracking, product variant management, and order fulfillment. 

What are the various BigCommerce apps?

Shogun Page Builder

shogun logo

Shogun Page Builder gives the freedom to design the landing pages, the product pages and the blog posts using a drag-and-drop interface. This is ideal for merchants who would like to add tremendous appeal to the store they own but do not possess any coding skills.

Yotpo Reviews

Yopto Review

In BigCommerce stores, reviewing the customers’ feedback is a highly significant indicator of building trust between the customers. Using Yotpo Reviews, you can collect and display your customers’ reviews and ratings on your website, which may result in an increased rate of sales as well as customers’ trust. 

Smile. io

Smile. io is a fast-track loyalty and rewards tool that assists businesses in enhancing customer retention through points, VIPs, and referrals. This creates loyalty among customers as they plan to patronize the same business places over and over to earn the rewards.



Mailchimp is a popular marketing option that focuses on e-mail marketing and is also integrated with BigCommerce. It is particularly useful for composing personal emails, follow-up messages, and newsletters, and for assessing the effectiveness of your email promotional campaigns.



Shipping is usually intensive and requires a lot of time when compared to other methods of transporting products. To support this, ShipStation enables you to deal with multiple carriers at once by streamlining your order fulfillment process via AI analytics for BigCommerce. 



Privy is an all-in-one tool for email capture, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization. It allows you to capture subscribers from targeted pop-ups and offers and features cart abandonment recoveries to boost sales.



Trustpilot Review is a reliable review platform that can be linked to the BigCommerce platform as the section with clients’ feedback. This means that using verified reviews as a way of improving your store can help change the perception of potential customers. 

Tawk. to Live Chat

Customer support is critical for BigCommerce stores to help them, and support is paramount in achieving success. Tawk. to Live Chat provides an instant means of interacting with customers; thereby, helping organizations attend to their concerns as and when they arise and thus improving customer satisfaction.

Facebook Ads Extension


The Facebook Ads Extension helps in creating and posting Facebook ad campaigns with ease. Using a product catalog, you can create dynamic ads that’ll go out to more people and hopefully get them to visit your store. 

What are BigCommerce tools?

BigCommerce provides several tools and features that assist merchants in making and sustaining successful online stores.

All of these BigCommerce marketing tools are intended to help simplify different processes associated with e-commerce, including web design, catalog management, marketing, and data analysis. 

BigCommerce tools consist of the following:

Store Design

Bigcommerce tools allow for the easy modification of your store’s layout, colors, and fonts using themes and a visual editor. Extra features offered concerning the plans mostly feature HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

Product Management

Succeed at adding, modifying, and arranging products with functionalities for variations, stock, and placement via BigCommerce inventory management

Order Management

Track and complete customer orders through an on-board console. BigCommerce marketing tools offer an easy method to track your orders, view the packing slips, and even manage the shipping and returns. 

Payment and Checkout

Optimizing BigCommerce with AI algorithms helps ensure secure online payments by connecting with multiple payment gateways. Minimizing the risk of cart abandonment through optimization of the checkout page and steps. 

Marketing and SEO

Some features are integrated into the platform, and using them can help to advertise the store, such as discounts, coupons, and Recovery of abandoned carts. Utilize the SEO elements when conducting a store in a way that it can be easily located by search engines and by people. 

Analytics and Reporting

BigCommerce marketing tools conduct quantitative measurements of sales, traffic, and customers using analytics. It is important to generate reports to compare stats against set targets, and where necessary make adjustments. 

App Marketplace

BigCommerce users will find more applications and connectors in the BigCommerce App Catalog for email marketing, social media marketing, shipping services, and many others. 

Developer Tools

BigCommerce product management tools provide information about store developers. These resources help you modify and enhance your store’s functionality. Smart integration, plugins, and tools are designed to help developers adapt the system to individual or organization’s needs. 

What are the popular BigCommerce tools?

Google Ads by Sales & Orders

Google Ads

Many people use Google Ads to advertise their stores and it can bring a lot of traffic. The Google Ads by Sales & Orders app is a helpful tool for e-commerce management for BigCommerce that allows users to set up and manage Google Shopping without leaving BigCommerce. This makes the process of placing the ads easier and also allows you to monitor their effectiveness in reaching out to potential customers.



Klaviyo is one of the fully-featured email marketing tools for BigCommerce, designed for integration with BigCommerce. It allows using the user data to send personalized emails and sort through the subscribers’ list, as well as to send email sequences immediately after purchase, which is practical to increase the number of customers among the website visitors.



OptinMonster is a truly versatile lead-generation BigCommerce product management tool that allows for collecting emails and turning visitors into subscribers and customers. It comes with highly efficient targeting and segmentation tools which enable you to design efficient pop-ups, floating bars, and other forms of opt-in promos to increase your sales. 



BigCommerce tools like Justuno is a conversion optimization application that makes it possible to build pop-ups, banners, and other promotional messages. It connects with BigCommerce to display real-time statistics and split testing, so you can enhance your campaigns’ overall performance. 



SEMrush is a comprehensive toolset for SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis, and site monitoring. Enhanced search engine placement results can increase organic traffic to your BigCommerce marketplace development. is a review and loyalty tool that lets you gather customers’ feedback and ratings. It also enables you to set up unique promotions. Using social proof and advocacy strategies, it helps improve customer trust and stimulate purchases.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an online accounting BigCommerce store development tool that integrates with your BigCommerce store for automated bookkeeping. Proper handling of finances makes it easier to set the right priorities and work towards making sales the main goal. 



SocialShop is an application that links your BigCommerce store to your Instagram and Facebook accounts. This allows followers to buy products directly from your social media posts and links.



Omnisend is an eCommerce marketing automation software connected to BigCommerce marketplace development. It enables you to set up automatic e-mail and SMS marketing campaigns and create personalized scenarios and segmentations to reach the customers and hence generate sales. 



PushOwl is a web push tool to re-engage customers and encourage repeat purchases. This BigCommerce store development tool is ideal for sending targeted promotions, cart abandonment reminders, and updates to your customers’ browsers. 

Parting Words

The mentioned tools and apps are quite effective and can help BigCommerce merchants run their stores in 2024 smoothly.

These tools include analytics, automation, and marketing to improve customer satisfaction and conversion. They also enhance BigCommerce marketplace development.

These innovations help merchants tackle challenges in the competitive, fast-growing eCommerce environment. They enable merchants to achieve their goals more effectively.

Future store management tools are being developed and enhanced. These advancements will boost merchants’ ability to succeed in the ever-changing online selling environment.

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