BlogWhat Are The Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services in 2024?

What Are The Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services in 2024?

Feb 08, 2024
What Are The Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services in 2024?

Running an online store comes with ample responsibilities. Do you agree? 

Well, if you have been such an eCommerce business owner who has been handling a lot or all of the business responsibilities by yourself, you will relate to the level of exhaustion it creates. 

But now, there’s a way you can delegate or offload some of the repetitive or monotonous operational tasks and focus more on expanding your business. And that is hiring virtual assistant services!

By hiring experts from virtual assistant companies in the USA, you will be able to onboard a remote workforce for specific eCommerce business tasks. Believe it or not, the platform-specific eCommerce VAs are mostly proficient in dealing with all types of marketing, customer support, sales, inventory management, and other such tasks.

But, if you are just starting with a new eCommerce business, you might be in a dilemma of what services you can or should delegate to a store management virtual assistant. Therefore, to help solve this dilemma, this article brings to you some of the most in-demand virtual assistant services to count on. 

Read this article till the end, and you will be able to attain clarity on what business tasks you must offload. 

What are the Different Virtual Assistant Services You Can Opt For?

When you seek help from virtual assistant companies in USA to streamline your eCommerce store operations, the first thing you must decide on is the tasks you want the remote assistants to handle. 

As there is a big list of most in-demand virtual assistant services, here are a few of the most crucial ones, which you will find yourself being more focused on growing and scaling the business faster. 

Some of those virtual assistant services are as follows:

1. Customer Support

If there is any eCommerce task that can either make or break the business, it’s customer support! Now, you might feel like being able to handle the queries of a bunch of customers yourself. But, when the customer base grows, hiring a dedicated support team might be too expensive for a new startup. 

Therefore, it is considered a smarter alternative to hire virtual assistant services! With this, you will have dedicated remote experts who will attend to customer queries or complaints over the phone, chat, or email. Be assured you hire the best ones from the top virtual assistant companies in the USA to ensure perfection in terms of customer support for your brand. 

This way, the remote workforce will work on retaining customers and making their experiences satisfactory. Thus, you will attain a better conversion rate, which will make your investment in hiring a store management virtual assistant worth it.

2. Social Media Management

The next crucial task from the list of most in-demand virtual assistant services is social media management. In the modern business world, if your business doesn’t have an online presence, it will lose value in no time! Being active and engaging on social media is the key to earning more customers and securing good sales for the business. 

But, managing multiple social media accounts without a manager is a tiresome job. You will often be in conflict with whether to promote the new product on social media or work on bringing in new variations and upgrades to it. The latter is what will enhance the quality of the product and is a core task to count on, whereas, for the former, you can hire virtual assistant services. 

Hire an Amazon virtual assistant or a professional for any other dedicated platform to play the role of your social media manager. Offload the task and let them handle every activity on your dedicated social channels.

 May it be about creating social media post calendars, collaborating with the graphics team to design the creative, or promoting new products at the specified time, the professional offering virtual assistant services can deal with them all. It is one of the best ways to get your products noticed by a larger crowd and earn their satisfaction quotient through engaging posts and prompt responses in comments or DMs. 

Not just about managing the posts and responses, but using the allocated social media marketing budget in a strategic manner can also be part of this service request. 

3. Accounting or Bookkeeping

Coming to one of the most crucial parts of running a business is accounting or bookkeeping. You cannot ignore the fact that managing finances is tough, especially when there’s a heavy in-flow and out-flow of cash to/from the company. For instance, tracking the income through sales and expenses on maintaining stocks at inventory is a complex job to deal with. 

Taking control of a serious job like accounting or bookkeeping yourself while you are already juggling with a lot of other things on your table might lead to inefficiency in recording business transactions. It is one of the most in-demand virtual assistant services among eCommerce business owners, as it deals directly with the company’s finance records.

So, you will have to hire a Shopify virtual assistant or a VA from your select platform, whose skills are proficient and trustworthy. Almost all virtual assistant companies in the USA have trained professionals to help you calculate profit margins, maintain records of sales tax, track invoices, record bank transactions and others. The VA you hire for the purpose will play the role of bookkeeper for your business.

4. Copywriting

When you visit an eCommerce store to buy a product, what are the first few things you take a look at? It’s probably the images, followed by the description! This is the usual drill for every consumer out there who prefers online shopping. So, apart from adding the best quality images, it is also important for you to write captivating descriptions to hook the customers to your product. 

Now, running a successful eCommerce business and being able to write engaging product descriptions are two different skills, and not everyone is blessed with them both. Therefore, it is important you hire a copywriting professional from one of the top virtual assistant companies in the USA. 

There are a lot of guidelines that go into creating a good copy for adding along with your products or as your site content. Your copywriting VA is skilled enough to help you out with slogans, product descriptions, ad content, and email texts without letting you hire a completely different team for the same. 

Copywriting is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand virtual assistant services, as without content, there is nothing on your site for your customers to engage with. Even though you provide the best quality products, if the description isn’t enticing enough, the sales rate will drop. So, why go unprofessional in this aspect? 

Go ahead and hire a Shopify virtual assistant or a VA of your select platform who is experienced with copywriting skills alongside other store management proficiencies.

5. Search Engine Optimization

With the product quality ensured and the site content in place, you now have to make your store more visible online, right? In that case, you must focus on enhancing the SEO elements of your store. Product descriptions, meta tags, ALT texts of images, site responsiveness, etc. 

Now, as you are handling the core operations of your business, can you spare enough time to work on your search engine visibility and ranking? Just because SEO is a monotonous task doesn’t mean it isn’t important. 

SEO is the ultimate source for you to gain organic traffic and, eventually, more sales over time. So, being on top of the SERPs requires some focused efforts, and you can hire an Amazon virtual assistant or a remote expert proficient with any of the platforms to help you strengthen the SEO part of your business. With the task delegated, you just need to get your site developed with responsiveness in mind while maintaining it is the job of the VAs you just hired. You can have a look at some of the prior projects that your select VAs have handled in the past, and decide if they are perfect for scaling your store’s SEO outcomes. 

Parting Words

All you need to do is hire the best company in the USA that has a list of highly-rated virtual assistants. Most of the eCommerce VAs you hire will be versatile with diverse operational and managerial tasks. But you need to validate if he/she has the specific skill you are looking for!

It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an established enterprise; hiring VAs is a positive business culture where you are making smarter moves to scale your business. Freeing yourself from the repetitive store management tasks will allow you to focus more on the other core tasks that are meant to expand the business. So, go ahead and appoint your virtual assistants today!

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