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How many types of campaign we run on Snapchat

May 17, 2023

Snapchat offers several types of campaigns that advertisers can run on their platform. Here are the main types of campaigns available on Snapchat:

  • Snap Ads: Snap Ads are full-screen vertical video or image ads that appear between Stories or in Discover content. They can be up to 10 seconds long and include a swipe-up feature for users to take action, such as visiting a website or installing an app.
  • Collection Ads: Collection Ads allow advertisers to showcase multiple products within a single ad. Users can swipe up on the ad to view a collection of products or articles that link directly to an external website or app.
  • Story Ads: Story Ads are immersive, full-screen ads that appear in the context of Snapchat’s curated Stories. Advertisers can create branded content that seamlessly integrates with Snapchat’s own content, reaching a wide audience.
  • Filter Ads: Filter Ads are creative overlays that users can apply to their Snaps. Advertisers can create custom filters that users can use within a specific location or during a specific event, increasing brand visibility and engagement.
  • AR Lenses: AR (Augmented Reality) Lenses allow advertisers to create interactive and engaging experiences for users. Users can use these lenses to transform their faces, interact with virtual objects, or play games, creating highly shareable and memorable brand experiences.
  • Commercials: Commercials are non-skippable, full-screen video ads that appear in Snapchat’s Shows and Publisher Stories. They typically have longer run times, up to 3 minutes, and are designed to deliver a TV-like ad experience.
  • App Install Ads: App Install Ads are designed to drive installations of mobile apps. Advertisers can create customized ads that include an app install call-to-action, making it easy for users to download and install their app directly from Snapchat.
  • Story Ads for Games: This campaign type is specifically tailored for game developers. It allows them to showcase their mobile game with engaging video content and includes interactive elements like swipe-ups to install the game or watch a trailer.

These are the main campaign types available on Snapchat as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Snapchat may introduce new ad formats and campaign types in the future, so it’s always a good idea to refer to their official documentation or contact their support team for the most up-to-date information.


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