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How to create Commercials ads campaign on Snapchat

May 17, 2023

Snapchat has over 300 million users daily, it is ideally suitable to target younger population. Advertising on this platform will help you promote the business. If used correctly it also helps to drive sales, leads, and awareness about your brand. 

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Snapchat does not offer a specific ad format called “Commercials.” However, Snapchat does offer non-skippable, full-screen video ads called “Commercials” in their Shows and Publisher Stories.

  • To advertise within Snapchat’s Shows and Publisher Stories, you would need to work with Snapchat’s advertising team directly or through a representative. Here are the general steps to create Commercials ads on Snapchat:
  • Contact Snapchat’s Advertising Team: Reach out to Snapchat’s advertising team or your designated representative to express your interest in running Commercials ads on Snapchat. They will provide guidance on the available options and requirements.
  • Discuss Advertising Objectives: Work with the Snapchat team to define your advertising objectives and campaign goals. Provide details about your target audience, budget, and desired reach.
  • Create Ad Creative: Collaborate with Snapchat’s creative team or use your own resources to create compelling video ad content for your Commercials campaign. Ensure that your video ad meets Snapchat’s ad specifications and guidelines.
  • Specify Ad Placement: Determine the specific placements where you want your Commercials ads to appear within Snapchat’s Shows and Publisher Stories. Snapchat will provide options and recommendations based on your target audience and campaign goals.
  • Review and Finalize Campaign Details: Work closely with the Snapchat team to review and finalize all campaign details, including ad creative, targeting, budget, and schedule. Make any necessary adjustments or revisions based on their recommendations.
  • Launch and Monitor the Campaign: Once your Commercials ads campaign is ready, the Snapchat team will launch it for you. Monitor the performance of your ads using Snapchat’s reporting and analytics tools. Make optimizations as needed to achieve your desired results.

It’s important to note that Snapchat’s ad platform and offerings may evolve over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on running Commercials ads or any other ad formats on Snapchat, it’s recommended to contact Snapchat’s advertising team directly or refer to their official documentation.

Creating a commercial ads campaign on Snapchat helps to meet your goals effectively. Make sure you keep your ads short, add high-quality visuals, relevant to the target audience, and use a Call-To-Action perfectly.


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