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How to create segment on Dotdigital

Sep 05, 2023

Dotdigital segments are a powerful feature within the Dotdigital Engagement Cloud platform, designed to help businesses organize and target their customer data effectively. These segments allow users to group their contacts based on specific criteria such as demographics, behavior, purchase history, and engagement levels. Creating segments in Dotdigital Engagement Cloud (formerly known as Dotmailer) allows you to target specific groups of contacts with tailored content.

Here’s how you can create a segment in Dotdigital Engagement Cloud:

1. Log in to Your Dotdigital Account:

2. Navigate to Segments:

  • In the navigation menu, look for the “Segments” option. Click on it to access the segment’s management area.

3. Create a New Segment:

  • Click the “Create Segment” button or a similar option to start creating a new segment.

4. Define Segment Criteria:

  • Give your segment a name to identify it.
  • Define the criteria for your segment.
  • Dotdigital offers various conditions and rules to segment your contacts.
  • You can segment based on contact attributes, purchase behaviour, engagement history, and more.

5. Add Conditions and Rules:

  • Depending on your chosen criteria, you’ll need to add conditions and rules that define who should be included in the segment.
  • For example, you might segment contacts based on their location, product interests, or engagement with previous campaigns.

6. Preview and Save the Segment:

  • After setting up the conditions and rules, you can preview the segment to see the contacts who meet the criteria.
  • Dotdigital typically offers a preview feature that shows you a sample of contacts in the segment.
  • If everything looks good, proceed to save the segment.

7. Use the Segment in Campaigns:

  • Once you’ve created the segment, you can use it when setting up your email campaigns, automation workflows, and other marketing activities.

8. Automate and Use the Segment:

  • You can also use the created segment in automated workflows to send targeted content based on the segment’s criteria.

By creating and utilizing segments, businesses can deliver highly personalized and relevant marketing campaigns, increasing the chances of engaging their audience and driving conversions. Dotdigital segments empower marketers to tailor their messaging, making it a valuable tool for optimizing email marketing, SMS campaigns, and other communication strategies to achieve better results and enhance customer experiences. If you’re using a more recent version of Dotdigital Engagement Cloud, there might be slight differences in the steps or interface. For the most accurate and up-to-date instructions, I recommend referring to Dotdigital’s official documentation or help resources.